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Mar 11, 2011 09:18 AM

Framingham: La Carreta or Margarita's?

My son wants to go out for Mexican tonight. He usually orders refried beans (prefers the traditional, lard-laden kind) and rice. Which one of these two places is most likely to have what he wants?

Please, no recommendations for Aztec--none of us care for the place.

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  1. I guess I can now answer my own question. We went to Margaritas for an early dinner. The french fries were excellent. And that's it. Everything else was mediocre (over-battered, heavily salted fish tacos) to truly terrible (bitter, tasteless, saltless refried beans.) But if you are single in Metrowest and enjoy a bar scene, theirs was hopping. They also had a nice beer list and the decor was attractive.

    1. I have no personal experience but friends tell me La Caretta in NH is great... sorry I am just seeing your post now....not that my rec would have changed your mind... I was thinking of going to the new Margaritas in Lexington, but will skip it now, Thanks!

      1. The best Mexican in the area is at Viva in Wayland (Cochituate).

        1. Thanks to RonL and momoftwo. I will definitely try both La Carreta and Viva. I keep holding out hope that someone in MA will do Mexican food right (or at least my idea of right, which is a combination of Tex Mex and Cal Mex).

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              :+) Yes, I like that, too, but have given up on finding it here. I have a couple of Mexican cookbooks and find it easier to prepare it myself.

          1. La Carreta is much better in my opinion. Had a bad experience at the Margaritas recently (Bedford location). The drink menu has no prices, which I found really annoying. The manager came over and told us the prices of our drinks, but when we got the bill, they were all totally wrong. The food also is extremely over-salted, the glasses of our Margaritas were only half-filled, and my DC had the wrong drink served.
            La Carreta has a better menu, fresher ingredients and servers who actually seem to know how to do their job.

            La Carreta
            35 Manchester Rd, Derry, NH 03053

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              I am shocked this is even up for discussion. It is not remotely close. La Carreta is leaps and bounds better than Margaritas in nearly every single respect. That is not to say that La Carreta will blow you away but it is pretty good. I find Margaritas to be just awful and cannot fathom that people would wait long periods of time for a table (probably the same folks who wait an hour to eat at a Cheesecake Factory). The staff at La Carreta is wonderful and they had a mariachi band when we went on a Friday night recently. They also use fresh lemon juice in their margaritas whereas many others use that terrible mix that ruins the drink and gives you heartburn the rest of the night.