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Mar 11, 2011 08:36 AM

Pancer's Deli hasn't changed !

Had lunch at Pancer's Deli yesterday and had a good chat with Lenny Gould, the new owner. Lenny is definitely wise enough to know that when you lay out heavy coin for a Toronto institution, you don't fool around with the successful formula. For any of you who were worried that the place would change (as an earlier newspaper article intimated), rest at ease. Pancer's still has the same great traditional deli food with the same veteran staff as always. It's awfully nice to know you CAN go home again.

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  1. They are liquor licensed now? And have TV's ? It actually doesn't sound like a bad idea.

    Smoked meat and beer is a winning combo -- add a good sports game into the mix and it's somewhere I'd definitely go

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      No TV sports on view that I could see when I lunched there last week. And - note to duckdown - Pancer's has been licensed for beer and (basic house) wine for years, though not many bother to take advantage of it. Besides, the best way to enjoy a Pancer's pastrami sandwich - still solid after all these years - is with a Vernor's ginger ale. For smoked meat and fries, I lean to Caplansky's or maybe Centre Street Deli. Cole slaw at Pancer's still nicely vinegary, but the potato salad could use a tad more kick. Wilf, 50 years at Pancer's, wasn't in action on the slicer when I was there, but I assume it was his day off.

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        I still favour Centre Deli. They give you a choice of spicy or much-less-spicy, lean, medium or fat, and they slice it by hand,. I always ask for very thin slices, as they are more tasty.

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          Thanks Juno...I had forgotten that they had changed ownership while we were away and I just happened to post on something else that "Pancer's" would be one of my first this is great news...I admit to agreeing totally with your above review as well!!

      2. as long as they keep on ordering their meat from Montreal or wherever its premade, nothing should change.

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          Actually, the meat is only brined. The recipes for the spicing and finishing of the briskets were part of the purchase price. Lorne Pancer himself adised me of such.