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Mar 11, 2011 08:00 AM

New entry at Crossroads Market

The reno of Crossroads seems to be resulting in not only a freshening of the venue but it's vendors as well. Pearson's Berry Farm / Homestyle Beverages, previously at CFM has said they will be relocating there this month:

"We are coming back to Calgary to the Crossroads Market (Blackfoot & Ogden). We will have a temporary spot there for March and a permanent spot starting in April. This will be our new home for our Calgary customers. We made this decision based on long term security, it is established as the oldest year round indoor market. The people at Crossroads are renovating and brightening things up, we were impressed with the changes happening there."

If Pearson's is impressed with the reno, I'll give Crossroads another chance! I hope the booth from Taste of Calgary that sold Donairs is still there. Will have to look up the name...

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  1. Awesome - best market in the city!

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    1. re: nonlinear

      It was Alaturka at TOC (and Crossroads); the Donair and Baklava were fantastic.

    2. Pearson's was at the Red Deer Home show this weekend. I got confirmation they'll be at Crossroads on weekends starting this past Friday. I picked up an apple saskatoon pie, morning glory muffins, and thanks to the earlier rave I stocked up on their ciders too :)

      1. So glad to hear!! I absolutely love buying those little baby tart shells that Pearson's sell (among other things). I've used the shells for nice simple appetizers and desserts.