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Mar 11, 2011 07:58 AM

Dutchess Bakery - Edmonton (review)

For my daughter's birthday, she love macaroons so off to Duchess I went based on comments I have read here. Preordered a Duke (fancy chocolate cake), a dutchess (white cake) and a dozen assorted macaroons. I went to pick them up on a Saturday morning, the place was extremely busy, so much so that I have trouble getting through the door. The staffs were friendly. Obviously, it is a very popular place.

At the same time, my sister posted us some macaroons from London and Paris, she lives in London but frequent Paris on business trips.

The dutchess, basically white cake with buttercream and green fondant in shaped like a dome. The cake was dry, the butter cream was good, the fondant (if meant to be eaten) was not very good; BUT, the cake looked incredible (if you like green cake with flowers and inedible ribbons...).

The duke, basically chocolate covered chocolate cake with butter cream and gold leaf and ribbon decorations. The cake, imho, was much better. Somewhat moist and the chocolate cover was much better than the green fondant over the dutchess.

The macaroons were disappointing. I have had good macaroons, these are not them. They were very small and dry. The almond flour tasted raw and you can tell food colouring was used and not mixed in evenly into the dough/filling. Consider that there are only 6 ingredients in a basic macaroon recipe, making them is easy but making them good is an art; the Dutchess ones were in worst shape then the week-old macaroons my sister posted from Paris. If you are desperate for a macaroon in Edmonton, Matha Stewart has a good recipe that you can try, instead of paying $1.20 each for a toonie size cookie.

In the future, I would skip the macaroons, skip the dutchess (unless I want to impress someone at a dinner party, but would have the duke again. For the $$$, the macaroons and the duchess are definitely not worth it.

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  1. Every time I head to Edmonton, this place is a must visit.
    Have yet to encounter anything sub par. Including the Macarons (without the extra o), which are a close second to Yann Haute in Calgary.

    Last time we tried a couple of their Danishes which were excellent as well.
    Never had a whole cake from them.

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    1. re: worldwidestuff

      Yes Macarons, not Macaroons, my bad. But no, they are not that good. Because of the high egg white content, Macarons are suppose to have a light chewy texture with a smooth (almost shiny exterior). The Dutchess ones we had were way off when it comes to appearance and texture. May be I was there on an off-day.

    2. We also prefer the duke to the duchess, it is almost as good as the triple chocolate torte that Almondine ( now long gone) used to make.The Duke tastes even better if you serve it at room temperature, otherwise the ganache can be a bit chewy, almost waxy.

      We also enjoy their scones and croissants. The old Tree Stone bakery used to have better pain au chocolat, but the current reincarnation at the Tree Stone is not as good as the original so now the Duchess has the better one.

      1. The chocolate meringue at Dutchess is crazy good.

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        1. re: 23skidoo

          I had the duchess cake for my birthday a couple years ago and loved it, perhaps something has changed. I have no basis for comparison, but thought the macarons were delicious. I really think you hit a bad day and would encourage you to try again.