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Mar 11, 2011 07:16 AM

Al Wadi in West Roxbury last night

There hasn't been much on this place on CH (but lots on Yelp), so we tried it last night. This pleasant Lebanese place is on Route 1 near Home Depot in the old Spring Blossom location (a Chinese restaurant that looked too seedy from the outside even for me). We tried the prix fixe dinner for 2 ($49), which we found to be good value. This included generous portions of hummos, baba ganoush, stuffed grape leaves, fattoush salad, and falafel that alone could have served as dinner. Overall the quality was fine but nothing yelled out "someone's Lebanese Grandma is toiling away in the kitchen). Falafel (crisp and soft in appropriate locations) and baba ganoush (nicely smoky) were my favorites. Everything was nicely presented e.g .falafel with pickled turnips, radishes and chopped tomatoes with tahini on the side. Grape leaves were separated by tomato and lemon wedges. Then came the main course, which was an excellent platter of skewers of Lamb and Chicken kebabs and Kofta on a bed of etherea rice pilaf that could have been from grandma. The meats were nicely spiced and grilled and very satisfying. An aioli came with the meats and was a nice touch. Together, this feast could have fed 4. Overall, friendly service good food and good value. Not a destination, but for the Boston burbs, not half bad.

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  1. I went there a few weeks ago, and enjoyed it. Only had a few things, but really enjoyed the kibbeh nayeh and the lamb kebabs.

    Re: Spring Blossom - You missed out. Most of their dishes mediocre, but some were quite good, but the highlight was the $5.00 cocktails. They really knew how to make their tiki drinks, and they packed a punch.

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      I was interested in the kibbeh and the lamb shank also but thought that the fixed dinner for two gave us the variety to check out the place. Glad I didn;t know about the Spring Blossom cocktails given it would have been too often combined with a Home Depot visit and access to power tools.

    2. We were there a while ago, and thought it was very good. I'm a huge fan of kufta kebab, and Al Wadi didn't disappoint.

      1. The food has taste. It's more restaurant than home cooking.

        1. Thanks for posting! I stopped yesterday at the new convenience store next door to grab a sandwich and I was wondering if anyone had eaten at Al Wadi yet and how it was.

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            I've been there for lunch twice, and LOVE their lentil/rice soup -

          2. agreed- it's a very solid place. seemed expensive looking at the menu but the portions are so large that it makes sense. I have to give a shout out to their cook's ways with chicken- not generally something I order in restaurants but they're working some poultry magic over there.

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              My wife really enjoyed the chicken kebab. Anyone try the lamb shank?

              1. re: gourmaniac

                I've had the lamb shank - it was done nicely. My favorite is an easy restaurant classic that surprisingly they did very well - Roasted 1/2 chicken and fries with Lebanese pickles!