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Anyone have a good recipe for homeade corned beef hash using Corned beef and cabbage leftovers?

momoftwo Mar 11, 2011 07:15 AM

I think the title saiys it all. I find myself with aobut 1/2 # of CB and a couple potatoes left from a recent dinner. Whatelse do I have to add to make a nice homeade corned beef hash for breakfast tomorrow?

  1. c
    critter101 Mar 12, 2011 01:03 PM

    Here's a good video. I haven't made the hash yet, but it looks yummy!

    1. JungMann Mar 11, 2011 08:34 PM

      I like my corned beef hash with minced onions and garlic, fried diced potatoes and juicy chunks of tomatoes. I take it easy on the salt, maybe adding a splash of soy sauce or Maggi for added umami instead, but feel free to liberal with the pepper. A little chili powder or Sriracha would not be out of place here, either.

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      1. re: JungMann
        mamachef Mar 12, 2011 12:46 AM

        This one would be beautiful with leftover roastbeef or potroast too. Yum.

      2. mamachef Mar 11, 2011 05:49 PM

        Most important is to get ready to do some fine knife work, because everything should be diced finely and in the same size, then bound with just a touch of cream or broth. Oh, I should probably say that "everything" in my book encompasses the huge gamut of diced onion, diced potatoes, and diced corned beef. Add pepper; watch the salt, and saute it over med. in a good sized skillet (cast-iron's best) in bacon fat, oil, or a combo of oil and butter until it's crunchy on the bottom; give it a flip (or use a spatula if the skillet's too heavy for that) and give it a turn on the other side. Oh, also be sure not to get it too crunchy as it will just kind of disintergrate into oiliness and something that isn't good: just a nice crust and a soft inside. Poached or fried eggs of course. Bon Apetit!
        That is probably the least cohesive recipe I've ever stuttered out; hope it's understandable. : )

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        1. re: mamachef
          c oliver Mar 11, 2011 05:55 PM

          Ooh mama :) Great instructions. Can't wait to make this.

          1. re: c oliver
            mamachef Mar 12, 2011 12:48 AM

            c, what I neglected to mention is that you can also save the stock the beef and veg were cooked in and chill and defat it; then use that as the broth binder and the fat to fry it in. It does add some dimension.
            That being said, I hope you do like it when you make it - I developed it behind figuring out how to make hash "just like mom's", only minus the taste of aluminum. : )

            1. re: mamachef
              c oliver Mar 12, 2011 06:19 AM

              I don't really adore CB&C so the last couple of years I've been cooking CB in the slow cooker. Your idea sounds like a good one.

          2. re: mamachef
            carbonaraboy Mar 12, 2011 12:30 PM

            If you add chunked cooked beets, you get the New England version, red flannel hash.

          3. m
            momoftwo Mar 11, 2011 04:40 PM

            thanks you two, great advice.

            1. todao Mar 11, 2011 11:13 AM

              Chop the corned beef ingredients (make sure you have enough potatoes in the mix) into cunks no larger than 3/8 inch. You can shred the meat before chopping. Melt a few tablespoons of unsalted butter in a cast iron pan over medium heat. Add some bell pepper to taste, freshly ground black pepper and cook until the bell pepper browns slightly. Add chopped garlic, the chopped corned beef ingredients, and spread the mass evenly over the bottom of the pan. Compress it as much as possible with the back of your spatula. Cover and cook until you've developed a crusty brown bottom. That should take 8 - 10 minutes. Check it a couple of times in that 8 - 10 minutes and press it down one or two more times. When it's browned, reduce the heat and continue to cook (covered) over low heat for about 5 minutes.
              Alternatively, put it under the broiler (uncovered of course) for that last five minutes.

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              1. re: todao
                berkleybabe Mar 11, 2011 04:20 PM

                Agree with todao, but NEVER use green pepper. I chop up the bunch of leftovers and freeze in single portions in snack bags. Then you can pull out enough just for you and cook, and finish with a cracked egg on top. Really good, and nice to have at hand.

                1. re: berkleybabe
                  c oliver Mar 11, 2011 04:44 PM

                  Yep. I'm ixnay on the green pepper. And the garlic. Shouldn't it have onion?

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