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Mar 11, 2011 05:50 AM

Visiting Barcelona for three days with 5 year old

Hello ,

I have read over every post that pertains to Barcelona and made notes however I do not see any mention of going to dinner with a child. Although he is well behaved ( who says their kid is anything but) and has been going out to dinner in New York City since he was born dont know how welcome he would be in most restaurants. We are not looking to go high end , looking more casual typical restaurants.

In our three days we want to try and get the best sense of the cuisine. This would be tapas , paella and local drinking scene, Would it be OK to bring in a child to most bars ? Not looking for nightclub type places.

Thanks ,

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  1. Spain is very child friendly, no issue there; You can go in most Tapas places with your kid.

    On issue, is that if you are used to eat early (by europe standards), it might be hard for your kid to stay awake and "keep his good behaviour" for eating at a sit-down restaurants in the evening where most places open at 9pm (or if they open a bit earlier, the place is empty).

    I suggest eating in restaurants at lunch and getting tapas in the evening.

    1. I agree that Spain is very child friendly. I have seen young children in tapas/pintxos places as well as most restaurants. Weekends, restaurants in Barcelonetta and around the beach are full of families having their midday meals. I would search this board as there have been a couple of recent threads on eating with children in Barcelona, all very positive.
      As stated on the earlier posts, eating hours can be a problem. Even the most informal sit down places, midday meals rarely starts before 1:30 and evenings not before 9pm when they open their doors. Tapas and pintxos places have more liberal hours. Tho best ones can be packed with most standing up. Go early so that one can grab a stool. Some will have tables/chair for comfort.
      "Bar" in Spain have a different meaning in han in the US.One will see many places with the word "bar" but they are eating places: Bar Pinotxo, Bar del Pla, etc. It can ben a place to drop by in the morning for coffee/breakast, grab a simple stand up lunch, then a late afternoon glass of wine with tapas. They can morph into more of a drinking place later in the evening. "Would it be OK to bring in a child to most bars", what type of bars are you envisioning? That might be helpful in answering your question

      1. I agree with the others. Spain is very child-friendly.
        Indeed dinner may be a problem. In Barcelona, having dinner at 8:30pm is considered a real early bird geezer, or tourist, or both, thing to do. Restaurants, no matter how casual, are nont even open before that.

        Paella is not a Barcelona specialty.

        In my favorite bars (Miramelindo, la Fianna, Mudanza), I have never seen children. They are not night clubs, not tapas bars. They are bar-bars. Are they what you mean?

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          Everyone on here is very quick.

          It all sounds very good - I really dont need to bring him to real bars just dont want to miss out on the vibe of the city. Just want to be able to have a glass of wine and relax. He'll be ahppy yo have a glass of juice with us.As far as eating late since we will be coming from NY I dont think this will be a problem just slide the schedule back.

          I will make sure to go out later - dont want to be put in the geezer category.

          Thanks all.

          1. re: griller in the mist

            My acquaintance lives in Barcelona with her Catalan husband and son. He's a strapping young adult now but in early years, they needed to find family dinner spots that would accomodate him as well as visiting guests who wanted to dine early or dine on Sunday. She recommends El Glop (there are several) for traditional Catalan. It's open ALL DAY, without a a long break between lunch and dinner. It's really handy for people going to a concert at the Palau de la Musica Catalana.

            I haven't been there myself although I do travel with a child. I just make sure that we both have an afternoon nap before dinner. There's nothing wrong with eating as early as possible. Some restaurants might even appreciate you doing so. It means that you'll be finished before prime time and they might even get to do a few extra covers. You won't be considered a geezer; just a parent who is considerate towards both child and restaurant.

            My 12 yo loved Euskal Etxea and Taktika Berri for Basque pintxos. Now that restaurants and bars have been designated smoke-free zones in Spain, things will be even more pleasant for kids.

            Another nice place for a delicious meal in a child-friendly setting is lunch (especially Sunday lunch) at FONDA GAIG. You'll see well-heeled Catalan grandparents lavishing attention on their adorable charges. The waiters bring wide cushions to elevate their little customers. Everyone loves the canelones in cream sauce.

            You say that you have read every trip report on Barcelona involving children. Maybe you missed mine: