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Mar 11, 2011 04:45 AM

Crawfish Boils This Weekend

Looks like Crawfish Season is upon us.. AAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE

Sam's Boat has crawfish $7.95/lb or 3 pounds for $19.95-shake on spice, corn potatoes. Had some last night, the flavor was great, but I think they must put there thumbs on the scale or count the platter and potatoes cause 3 pounds there was really tiny comparatively.

Skinny Bob's Pool hall- Crawfish Boil this Saturday $20 for all you can eat---this is a first time event so no info on the bugs.

Cafe Bleu- Crawfish from 2-6pm $9/lb with potatoes, corn, and andoiulle sausage-never had these

Pappadeaux's-1 1/4 lb servings @ Market Price- these are coated with boated to make them easier to peel and some spice I couldn't identify- not my preference, but they were flying out of the kitchen. I didn't pay the tab, so I don't know what market price was.

Razzo's-$5/lb during happy hour

Stuffed Cajun Market- $3.50/lb live and $5/lb boiled (liquid spice cooked in)-I can vouch for these!

Anywhere else we can try?

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  1. i've been keeping an eye out but haven't seen much other than the stuffed and pappadeux's you already mentioned.

    1. austinperks has a deal today for all you can eat crawfish and music at the louisiana swamp thing and crawfish festival in buda on 04/09.
      some of the banks include george clinton and the parliament funkadelics.

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      1. re: dinaofdoom

        This is the same event that used to be held on Congress, north of the Capitol, and I wouldn't recommend it as a food destination. It's essentially a crowded outdoor music fest with a crawfish boil tacked on.

        1. re: brentwood

          But isn't that what a public crawfish boil is?

        2. Quality Seafood is boiling crawfish on Thursday nights for 6.99 a pound. They sell the corn and taters separately if you want them. Had some last week, and am planning to go back again soon!

          1. Also, Central Market had them last weekend live for $5.99/lb (I know, ridiculous). I asked the guy if they were particularly difficult to catch or something? Maybe they are trying to discourage sales of crawfish? Maybe they just don't want to carry them next year? I dunno.... That's just crazy pricing. No one is just going to buy a few pounds, so why the high $$$?

            Whole Foods said they don't carry them because it's 'inhumane.' Go figure. I asked him why, he said the transportation of them is inhumane... I laughed and said 'have you ever cooked them? That's a little more hard to watch than just transporting them.' Anyways.

            I have found some smaller LA companies that are willing to ship them overnight for good prices. They say that as we more into April, the prices will come down a bit.

            This place has 90 lbs. for $385 with overnight shipping included:

            Here's one for $389/90 lbs. including overnight shipping:

            I use these folks alot and they have em at $385/90 lbs:

            I saw Stuffed was running them at $3.50/lb, but that was more a mid-week special... not really an option if your boil is on the weekend. If they can keep it that low, it's probably the best option here. It's cool because they rent the boil equipment too. I had a 3-day adventure around town looking for a crawfish paddle last year... no one really knows what that is, apparently, from the looks I received, but I did finally find one at Academy Sports.

            Quality Seafood says they are at $3.89/lb. I got 90 lbs from them last year, and they were good fat ones!

            I hope this helps.

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            1. re: drdelicious

              Fiesta [ like Central Market only better and cheaper ] had medium ones, non purged a few days ago for a $1.99 a pound.

              Central Market
              4477 S Lamar Blvd Ste 100, Austin, TX 78745

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Awesome! That's pretty cheap for LA crawfish here.

              2. re: drdelicious

                My local HEB at Slaughter and Escarpment had them in all sizes, unpurged for $2.97 per pound today AND they also had live Blue Crabs! First time I have seen Blues sold this far from the Gulf without having to special order them.

                1. re: blueclaw666

                  That's the HEB I use too! I just always go to Central Market on my way home, but I'll get by there soon to check out the blue crabs.... That's very exciting.