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Mar 11, 2011 04:40 AM

Morrocan grocer?

I am looking for some basic Moroccan ingredients - harissa, orange blossom water, etc. Any leads on a grocer who would have them? Thanks.

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  1. There's always Kalustyan's, on Lexington Ave near 28th St, which is pretty much guaranteed to have everything you want in one place, but they tend to be overpriced, sometimes very. I do think these days they must have the widest single collection of spices in the city and their prices for those in smaller quantities are competitive with other places.

    But most of what you're probably looking for is pretty available these days. Fairway on Broadway at 74th St has a couple/few brands of harissa. Not sure about the orange blossom water, but it's likely. Couscous, for sure. Lots of olives. They've had jarred pickled lemons. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a house branded ras-el-hanout among the spices. I don't know if it's still there, but they've had argan oil.

    Whole Foods and the myriad smaller "gourmet" grocery stores will have a lot of the basics like couscous, harissa and even the orange water isn't too uncommon since there's also a French version that's around.

    1. You can get both at Fairway, but for an inexpensive place with an amazing selection of Middle Eastern stuff, check out Sahadi's on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

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        Sahadi is a great resource but I prefer the place across the street, I think it's called Malko.
        On weekends Sahadi is overcrowded with the Brooklyn Heights stroller brigade.
        Damascus Bakery just a few doors away from Sahadi also has a wide assortment of Middle Eastern essentials along with great baked goods: Pita, zatar, spinach and meat pies, baklava, etc..

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          All the above can also be purchased at International Grocery on 9th Avenue.