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Mar 11, 2011 03:13 AM

Fave dry pasta brands?

I know I read a thread on CH about dry pasta but I can't find it. People were discussing their favorite dry pasta brands. Yes, I've used the search engine...but it is eluding me. I checked all boards, not just home cooking. Can anyone help? In the alternative, what are some of your favorite dried pastas that can be found in an ordinary supermarket? Particularly pennes and spaghetti types? To be honest, I hardly notice many differences. I use Prince, Ronzoni, Barilla most often.

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  1. I discovered Culinary Circle bronze cut pasta at Shoppers Food Warehouse and have been buying that since. Who would have thought they'd carry bronze cut pasta?

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    1. re: chowser

      i'll try that to see how it "grips" the sauce. ;-).

      1. re: alkapal

        I love it and now if I buy something else, my family complains. It's a very hearty pasta at a great price. I'm surprised it's gotten so little notice.


    2. trish, i try to buy italian pasta, but often i am buying whichever of those are on sale. i'm not typically paying $6 for a pasta, if you see what i'm saying. i guess typically we use barilla? <see, i don't even recall just now.>

      BUT, here is the pasta which has impressed me the most in several years: COLAVITA pappardelle nests. the pasta is so silky <buttertart will get me for saying "silky" ;-)) and takes the sauce beautifully. http://www.colavita.com/store/index.c...

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        Alkapal, that's it! That's exactly the comment that was sticking in my mind from that thread! I am going to try them this weekend! Thank you!

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          alrighty then, miss trish!

          make sure you remove them from the pot *before* they're cooked al dente.

          (i don't really boil once the pasta is "in" -- as i can control the doneness if the water is just simmering [or even a little below simmering]).

          after removing from the pasta pot, "finish" them in your sauce still in the saute pan on low/warm.*** (i then plate, sprinkle on some fresh parsley, fresh shaved parm, and maybe [but not typically] even some toasted bread crumbs).

          i think i have way too many parentheticals there, but what the heck? ;-).

          also, remember that there will be a little more "cooking" in a big serving bowl, so account for that in taking out before "done."

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              My store didn't have the Colavita pappardelle so I got the fettucine nests instead. Should be just as good...right?

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                The Colavita fettucine nests were very good. But truthfully, I don't notice much difference among various pastas. I would buy Colavita brand again though.

          1. i always buy barilla...just the flavor of the pasta is better than most of the brands at local grocery stores...

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              Another Barilla fan. I like the fact that it does not get mushy, even the cappelini.

              1. re: escondido123

                my 3 yo loves the mini ones...they r just her size...

            2. DeCecco for capellini and penne is my very fave and can be found in an ordinary supermarket.
              Delverde also rocks.

              1. The Los Angeles Times did a blind spaghetti taste test: