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Mar 11, 2011 01:07 AM

Susina cakes vs. Lido bakery for a birthday cake?

I need to get a birthday cake for my boyfriend next week
and I CANT decide between the two!! :(
he is not a big fan of chocolate so Im thinking about getting'

Berry Blossom from Susina
Berry & Cream from Lido

any recommendations?
which one do you prefer? :)

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  1. I never had Lido so my choice is totally arbitrary: Susina! Love their cakes and pastries.

    1. I've never had the berry cake from Susina, but I've had the berry cake from Lido and it is delicious! In general, Lido is an excellent bakery. Their cakes are moist and beautiful. The berry cake is made with whipped cream rather than buttercream and is nice and light.

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      1. re: Nicole

        I 2nd Lido Bakery.

        Besides being a great cake bakery, the mother and son team at Lido Bakery are really personable and provide great customer service. Both mother and son previously worked at Sweet Lady Jane.


        Lido Bakery
        3001 N Sepulveda Blvd, D Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

      2. For future readers. Susina. it isn't close.

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          Could you elaborate? We've enjoyed cakes from both, but the styles are different in my mind. It's been a while since Susina but their's seemed to have a nice balance in style and presentation - Audrey Hepburn. Lido is in the Sweet Lady Jane school - more flamboyant like Cher in Vegas?

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            I've had weird experiences at Susina. I went there in the mood for Lemon Merengue Pie and saw about 4 of them behind the glass. I ordered a slice and the guy behind the counter said I couldn't have it because he would have to slice up a new one (this was about 7pm at night). He said that if somebody else came in and ordered a slice, he would let me order a slice.

            He was very rude and suggested I would like the Key Lime as much since it pretty much is the same thing. When I mentioned that I would go somewhere else instead, he was pretty much OK with that.

            I felt like I was on an episode of Seinfeld. I used to go there often, but I haven't been there for months. There are other places in town that are grateful for my business.

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              Bummer - 7PM at a bakery means unload whatever you can for the most part. Kind of contrarian to my views on Sweet Lady Jane, but their lemon merengue tart is the best I've tried in recent memory. It ain't cheap, but give their's a whirl the next time you are in the mood for one.

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                Wow. From the frying pan into the fire. I've never been a fan of the service at SLJ.

                Maybe it would be a good idea to post about the best LMP in LA ;)

                Susina was really bizarre Especially when I said I would leave. They simply didn't care. I would (maybe) understand if it was their last pie, but they had a few. Unless they have a side business selling day old+ baked goods.

                But it is a good LMP. Too bad will will NEVER try it again. I have a long memory ;)

        2. Wow I got the berry cream cake from Lido for my bf birthday and nobody liked that cake, we had to throw it out. I went there because of the positive reviews but was disappointed and frankly a little embarrassed

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            Wow - never experienced what you did at Lido. I did rec them on your Chocolate cake thread, but I guess you won't be taking that one seriously...