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Mar 10, 2011 10:55 PM

Just NAOE or several other restaurants?

Hi! A friend and I will be in Miami for a few days next week and I've been scouring the Chowhound boards to decide where to eat. Here is the dilemma, however: We are both semi-broke twenty-somethings but love fancy food. Would you recommend splurging on NAOE and eating cheaply the rest of the time or using our "fancy food" budget for several less spendy meals (we're thinking places like Xixon and Pubbelly)? Obviously it would be nice to do both, but our funds are sadly limited. It's my first time in Miami and who knows when I'll be back, so I want to make it count! Thanks for the help!

175 Sunny Isles Boulevard, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

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  1. It depends where you are staying and if you have a car.

    I would, in general recommend splurging on Naoe though.

    Naoe only gets expensive post bento box. If you control your sushi and your appetite, you can get away with your hide intact.

    Even if you spend a lot, I would recommend splurging at Naoe. You can always cheaply sample small plates xixon or pubbelly.

    Getting around to these locations may be your biggest expense (pubbelly and xixon are not close to each other) depending on your access to transportation.

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      Thanks tpigeon! We will have a car, so we should be able to get anywhere without too much trouble. Everything I could find said Naoe will be 100 dollars a person, but if we don't do sake and only have a few sushi courses it seems like we could come in around 50 or 60. Is that right?

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        Yes on Naoe - I think you can have 2 sushi courses, maybe 3. Not a lot of food though, portions are pretty small on the sushi.

        Having a car, I would do NAOE.

        I would also do Yakko San as it is cheap and is one of the best restaurants in miami.

        You can also get tapas pubbelly and xixon as well without blowing too much cash.

        I would need to know your exact budget to be sure but I think these options can fit most budgets as long as you dont have huge appetites.

        If you plan on hanging out on south beach you should look at some of my recent recs for cheap places.

        You can have some pretty great food at cheap prices in SOBE these days.

        175 Sunny Isles Boulevard, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

    2. The bento box at Naoe, which usually has about 5 items plus a soup, is $26 and may be one of the best price to value ratios anywhere. It's the sushi by the piece afterwards that can get expensive, but if you only do a couple rounds (I might suggest the salmon belly, which is usually one of the first items, and then the eel, which is usually one of the last but Chef Cory has gotten more flexible and will let you pick and choose) will still probably let you stay under $50/pp.

      1. i would definitely encourage you to offset some $ with a meal at the Alibi inside Lost Weekend and Shake Shack (assuming you are not from NYC). Enriqueta's right across the Venetian Highway (best pan con bistec in Miami), along with Sakaya Grill are also two great cheaper options on the mainland as well.

        And yes, Naoe is a truly fantastic meal and worth the price for a splurge meal in Miami.

        1. The price of entry is pretty low but it that bill will grow VERY quickly. $300 - $500 bills for 2 is not at all uncommon.

          1. Thanks so much for all the help! It sounds like it is worth the pricetag to experience Naoe, so we will probably go there and just try not to go too crazy on the nigiri. That means we will have to be a bit cheap the other days, so any additional suggestions on inexpensive local spots would be much appreciated!

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              Mikek had great suggestions.

              Some others in sobe:
              A la folie
              Bernies LA Cafe