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Mar 10, 2011 09:25 PM

Finally a good restaurant coming to Ann Arbor

I am usually really down on AA restaurants, so I wanted to share the news on a new italian Trattoria coming to Ann Arbor. Scheduled to open April 12th, it is the new venture from Chef Brendan formerly of Everyday Lunch. With backing from the New Jersey restraunt group behind such places as Morimoto, this place may have legs. 2 large Mugilini wood fired ovens and all handmade pasta and a price point lower than the standard downtown fare, this place is aiming at becoming the great neighboorhood restaurant that AA needs. I'm cautoiusly optomistic. It also has a liquor liscense. Its on 5th and Liberty in an old furniture store near Bar Louie.

Bar Louie
22 E Chicago Ave Ste 115, Naperville, IL 60540

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  1. Ahh Chef Brendan! Ahh Everyday Lunch!! Memories . . .

    1. I like Brendan, but I always feel Italian food is not worth going out for...hopefully I'll feel different about this place

      1. Downtown is so wide open for this placeā€”I'm excited. BTW, the name is Mani Osteria & Bar, with the word "osteria" meaning inn or tavern. May be overrun with students, howeer. They have a Facebook page and are hiring, if anyone's looking for a job.