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Mar 10, 2011 06:35 PM

Gratitude for Latitude: pan-Latin on Main St.

Stopped by today after some shopping in Chinatown. Had heard about the new menu and was keen to try some of the dishes out since Latin food is often lacking here.

The drinks menu has all the classic cocktails, wines, and cervezas from this area of the world. They even had the non-alcoholic drinks like Jarritos, Inca Cola, and Mexican Coca Cola (I recall someone asking for this on the board).

I had a couple of the arepas, which were Colombian-style so no cheese. The white corn pockets were indeed crispy, even with a hint of caramelization on the wild prawns, arugula, smoked paprika mayo. The chorizo, avocado, and confit tomato was good too. Got another plato pequeno with the chicken wings "anillo de fuego". The heat from the ring of fire chickadees was just right. I asked about the preparation and was told it was a red chimichurri sauce with a bit of sweetness, most likely honey.

In the summer, they plan on having halibut ceviche. The menu also has a few mains and desserts too. Apparently, the tres leches cake is killer.

Given this category of restaurants is so poco here (Cobre, Baru), Latitude is a great addition.

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  1. Thanks for the writeup, els. We had a v. nice brunch here not long ago but before the menu update, only place in Vancouver I've ever had huevos divorciados. We also enjoyed Valentine's dinner here last year. Will make a point to come in to try the new offerings soon...

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      I enjoyed their brunch too. Their tres leches french toast is excellent.