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Mar 10, 2011 05:42 PM

Dried Shrimp for Papaya Salad

Many recipes for som tam call for dried shrimp.

I've seen a number of brands from various countries of dried shrimp in the freezer section at the market. Almost all of the labels on the packages included warnings that the shrimp had to be fully cleaned and cooked before consuming. However, the brand I most recently bought does not have this warning.

Do you routinely cook your dried shrimp before using for som tam? What cooking method do you use?
Or do you use a brand that is precooked?

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  1. i use dried shrimp that are packaged in plastic and do not need refrigeration. there's nothing on the label about cooking (or at least nothing that i have seen).

    for som tam, i just crush those babies in my mortar (to a great extent, but not totally), then add to the dressing to soften.

    i've heard it is better to get the smaller, pinker dried shrimp.

    (racerx, if they're "dried," why are they frozen?)

    the label for these thai dried shrimp says nothing about cooking, just rehydrating (which i do in the dressing, so they get chewy):
    ...and frozen and dried is just to keep fresher, they say.