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Mar 10, 2011 04:51 PM

Biscoff Spread aka Speculoos [moved from Food Media and News board]

We just returned from France last week bringing home 4 jars of Speculoos. I brought a jar in the office and instantly hooked about 10 people on the stuff. Today one of my co-workers sent me this information:

I am sooooo happy!

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  1. Oh - thanks for posting this

    I have never heard of it,but it sounds good.
    I'm headed to Belgium in a few weeks, and I shall seek this out to take home.

    (This Chowhound does not shop for clothes or anything else - What she does- is grocery shopping on her trips abroad !)


    1. Last year, after placing a Biscoff cookie order the company sent small samples of the spread and we loved it. I'm also happy to hear it will be avail. at local grocery chains!

        1. I looked for Biscoff Spread at my Kroger this weekend, but I didn't find it . I'll ask when I stop in later this week, maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

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            I found it! Right next to the Nutella - top shelf, at Kroger. It's really delicious, and not too sweet.

          2. A friend from France brought me a jar of the Speculoos spread. It's delicious. It's great news that the product will be available in the U.S.