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Biscoff Spread aka Speculoos [moved from Food Media and News board]

We just returned from France last week bringing home 4 jars of Speculoos. I brought a jar in the office and instantly hooked about 10 people on the stuff. Today one of my co-workers sent me this information:


I am sooooo happy!

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  1. Oh - thanks for posting this

    I have never heard of it,but it sounds good.
    I'm headed to Belgium in a few weeks, and I shall seek this out to take home.

    (This Chowhound does not shop for clothes or anything else - What she does- is grocery shopping on her trips abroad !)


    1. Last year, after placing a Biscoff cookie order the company sent small samples of the spread and we loved it. I'm also happy to hear it will be avail. at local grocery chains!

        1. I looked for Biscoff Spread at my Kroger this weekend, but I didn't find it . I'll ask when I stop in later this week, maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

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          1. re: jeanmarieok

            I found it! Right next to the Nutella - top shelf, at Kroger. It's really delicious, and not too sweet.

          2. A friend from France brought me a jar of the Speculoos spread. It's delicious. It's great news that the product will be available in the U.S.

            1. Publix & Winn Dixie Carry it great on granny smith slices

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              1. re: beteez

                I've been looking for months at several different locations, and have yet to find it at Publix. What city are you in, and what section was it in? I keep looking in the peanut butter/Nutella section AND the cookie aisle, to no avail.

                1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  It's available at the local Shop Rite here in New Jersey. I might have to try it.

                  1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                    It was at the Publix in Brunswick, Ga with peanut butter & Nutella. Publix is not listed on Biscoff website, but Winn Dixie & Whole Foods are.

                2. Oh!!! They have this at my local Whole Foods in SF. I have seen it at the Potrero store. I haven't allowed myself to buy a jar because I'm afraid to have it in my house. I might take the whole jar down.

                  1. I finally found Biscoff Spread tonight, at a Winn-Dixie in Orlando. It is AMAZING! A lot thinner than Nutella and peanut butter, and so damn good! I can see it being totally addictive.

                    At $5 a jar, it isn't cheap, so make sure you download the $1 off coupon from the official Biscoff website: http://www.biscoff.com/DirectionsWEB/...

                    You're welcome.

                    1. i got the waffels and dinges speculoos spread and found out that whole foods carry it. I made a speculoos and fluff sandwich and it blew my mind.

                      1. Never seen it in a store yet, but I just got a couple of jars from Amazon. Amazing stuff! Spreadable cookies - what an awesome concept. (Imagine: Oreo spread. Gingersnap spread. Thin Mint spread. The possibilities are limitless...)

                        1. Trader Joes has a Speculoos spread for $3.69. I picked up a jar as I was on the last swipes in the Biscoff spread jar that I got from Cost Plus. I tried them side by side with apple slices. Biscoff is smooth, and very reminiscent of the cookie itself, more spice is noticable compared to the Speculoos. The TJ's Speculoos spread is thicker, and actually has a very similar texture of peanut butter that sticks to the roof of your mouth. There are grains of sugar that crunch in it too vs, the very smooth texture of the Biscoff. I think I prefer the Biscoff, even at $4.99 a jar, but the TJ's is so convenient. TJ's also has their own brand of Biscoff cookies in the cookie aisle.

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                          1. re: peppatty

                            Our Publix just started stocking Biscoff spread last month. We've gone through two jars already. Boy is that stuff GOOD!!!!!!!! I also noticed Biscoff cookies in the 'imported' section.

                          2. Just got back on Monday from another trip to France. Found Speculoos ice cream in a Monoprix. I have to figure out how to make that ice cream at home

                            Managed to bring back 6 jars this time (2 were restaurant size jars). Three jars have already gone into gift baskets for my friends. One of the remaining jars is going to be consumed trying to figure out the ice cream recipe, one jar is for apples, and one jar will be for eating directly with a spoon on an 'as needed' basis! :-)

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                            1. re: rosepoint

                              rosepoint did you notice a big diff btwn the spread avail in US vs. France?

                              1. re: HillJ

                                J, do you have a Kings Supermarket near you? i have no idea what they charge for it (though my guess would be an arm & a leg since that's their SOP), but i saw Biscoff Spread among the nut butters & jams at the Cresskill store last week.

                                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                  hi ghg (happy holiday btw). I've had the Biscoff spread a few times and love it with slices of fruit but I haven't had Speculoos.

                                  Shop Rite carries Biscoff's spread by me.

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    happy holidays to you too! i'm *sure* Shop Rite's price is better, so i'm glad you can get it there. i wish i could try the spreads for myself! have an extra spoonful for me ;)

                                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                      Oh it's my hubby that enjoys the spread most! So, he'll be happy to do the honors.

                                2. re: HillJ

                                  IMHO, I like the Speculoos better than the Biscoff spread. The Speculoos seems closer to peanut butter in consistency than Biscoff - as another poster mentioned. Both are good but I fell in love with Speculoos first.

                                  I think I will go out and get a jar of Biscoff tomorrow and compare the ingredient list. Wondering if there is something different in the jars for the US market.

                                  1. re: rosepoint

                                    Well, just for fun I took a look at the Biscoff website and the Lotus Speculoos site for France. Both sites say that the spread is made up of 57% cookies. Maybe it's my imagination that there is a difference!

                                    French website:

                                    American website:

                                    1. re: rosepoint

                                      Ah. You know the French just have a way of making everything more delightful :)
                                      but rosepoint, even if the ingred. list is identical...the processing may be diff. You did mention texture..

                                      1. re: rosepoint

                                        For whatever reason, Lotus markets the cookies and spread as Speculoos in Europe, and as Biscoff in the US. Same company, same product, different marketing names.

                                        I've never seen any difference between the actual cookies or the spread, other than the name.

                                3. Biscoff spread (which is what Speculoos ccokies and spread got renamed here in the U.S.) is availble at Cost Plus World Market. http://biscoffblog.com/recipes/

                                  (Have not tried this yet--am afraid to!)

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                                  1. re: toodie jane

                                    Yep, I bought a jar just before Christmas. It was surprisingly not expensive ($5/jar) at World Market. The first taste was surreal, it looks like peanut butter, feels like peanut butter, but tastes like cookies. I've been enjoying it mostly by the spoonful, but also spread on apple slices or whole grain bread.

                                    1. re: mpjmph

                                      my dh warms the spread in a small saucepan and drizzles it over ice cream.

                                      1. re: HillJ

                                        Ohhh, this stuff sounds delightfully dangerous. I've asked at TJ, and it was sold out before Christmas. I'll have to make a trip to World Market. Must try...

                                        1. re: pine time

                                          I was intrigued by the concept but then did some digging--not the most healthy of 'treats'. The cookies themselves have hydrogenated palm and canola (rapeseed) oils, and the spread is "57% cookie" meaning the rest is more sugars, oils and stablizers.

                                          Would like to see the nutritional breakdown for a tablespoon of this stuff.

                                          1. re: toodie jane

                                            Well as I am logged on to myfitnesspal.com anyway trying to figure out my diet meal plan for the day here you go...

                                            Biscoff Spread
                                            Srvg. size - 1 tbsp.
                                            Calories - 88
                                            Fat - 6g
                                            Sat. Fat - 1g
                                            Sodium - 33g
                                            Tot carbs - 8g
                                            Fiber - 0g
                                            Sugars - 5g
                                            Protein - 1g

                                            I recently bought a jar of Biscoff Spread and didn't really care for it. I found it to be too sweet for my taste.

                                            1. re: toodie jane

                                              toodie jane, How did you find out the cookies have hydrogenated fats? Don't manufacturers have to list that in the ingredients? I don't see it here (scroll down): http://www.biscoff.com/DirectionsWEB/...

                                              I have also looked on the Biscoff spread itself and haven't seen a mention of hydrogenated oils. The Trader Joe's brand, however, does have margarine listed in the ingredients.

                                              Here you can click "Larger Image" to see the ingredients of the Biscoff spread: http://www.biscoff.com/DirectionsWEB/...

                                      2. re: toodie jane

                                        i've found biscoff spread increasingly available at regular chain grocery stores over the past few months. i have been eating mine by the spoonful. i first had speculoos spread in belgium several years ago and got addicted. also, trader joe's recently started carrying their own brand of speculoos cookie butter. i haven't tried it yet or done any side-by-side comparison though.

                                        1. re: calmossimo

                                          I have found it in the peanut butter section, and also, strangely in the bakery section at Kroger.

                                      3. No one said this was a health food. It's cookies made into a spread. Which most people consider a treat not a food group.

                                        Just sayin'. ;-)

                                        1. Hey hounds, check out what CHOW's Supertaster thought of Biscoff Spread and Speculoos in this recent video review:


                                          Deborah from CHOW

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                                          1. Mmmm. Biscoff on pretzels. Salty sweet deliciousness.

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                                            1. re: sunangelmb

                                              Yes. This is a wonderful combo! I like Biscoff spread better with pretzels than on toast.

                                            2. I have TWO (2) jars of biscoff cookie spread in my pantry. One is the creamy Lotus kind and the other is a product from Belgium from Natural Nectar that I found at The Cheap Food Store. Considering that cookie spread is all the rage these days, maybe I should get on it and open one of them...

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                                              1. re: circustance

                                                grab an apple and/or a pear and dip the sliced fruit into the jar..........and relax!

                                              2. Just got a jar of Crunchy Biscoff spread

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                                                1. re: beteez

                                                  wow! sounds fabulous. i'll have to look for this next time i am at the store.

                                                  haagen dazs released a limited edition "spiced caramel biscuit" that is basically speculoos/biscoff ice cream. i scarfed down most of a pint in one sitting when i bought one, so i probably won't be buying it again for a bit...