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Mar 10, 2011 03:45 PM

Canton, NY - any good eats?

We are coming down to the Canton area next week to visit the SLU campus. All the on-campus dining facilities are closed for Spring Break. We need suggestions for a couple of good places that are casual and vegetarian friendly (two teenagers along). Also looking for good coffee, and a place to buy natural food products.


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  1. McCarthy's is about the best restaurant in this otherwise food wasteland.
    But you'd better hurry if you want to try the place because they plan toclose 5/6 to become a funeral home---no kidding!
    Just up the road in Potsdam(where our son went to school) we used to go to The 1844 House;a 3-star mobil-rated restaurant .
    This place was very good.
    Also in downtown Potsdam is a bar/restaurant called Maxfields that you will like.
    This is an upscale tavern/restauant that is very popular locally.
    Happy interviewing:(SLU just raised their RBT again!!!)

    1. Sergi's on Main St. in Canton is pretty good. You could call ahead to see if they could accommodate your vegetarian teens. Hotel Grande in Norfolk (halfway between Messina and Potsdam (Rte 56) is worth the trip if you like Mexican.

      You have more choices in Potsdam. The Bagelry in Potsdam (9 Market St.) has decent bagels and coffee. is a good jumping off point.

      9 Market St, Potsdam, NY 13676

      31 Main St, Canton, NY 13617