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Mar 10, 2011 03:43 PM

Recommendations for a few meals in Chicago near the Knickerbocker Hotel

Hello, I was hoping to get a few recommendations for restaurants around the Knickerbocker Hotel. I'll be there for my sisters wedding 5/5 through 5/9.

I'll be eating at the Bristol (dinner), Spiaggia (dinner) and a continental breakfast at the Knickerbocker as part of the wedding. I feel as though I'll be getting some fine dining in between Spiaggia and the Bristol so I would love to hear about some great neighborhood/ unusual / signature dish type places to check out as well and I definitely need to know where to get a great Italian Beef in the area. I don't mind spending money on food, but I don't have a lot and enjoys all levels of dining.

Thanks and open my eyes to places around the Knickerbocker or slightly further afield that are worth making a small trip to visit.



980 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. All of these are within roughly a five-minute walk:

    Deep-dish pizza - Pizano's
    Mexican - Salpicon
    Contemporary American - Bistronomic, Cafe des Architectes, MK, Balsan
    Steakhouse - Gibson's, Saloon
    Seafood - Hugo's Frog Bar
    Breakfast - Original Pancake House
    French bistro - Bistro 110, Kiki's Bistro
    Vietnamese - Le Colonial
    Upscale Chinese - Shanghai Terrace

    For Italian beef as well as a Chicago-style hot dog, go to Portillo's on Ontario (10-15 minute walk).

    Pizano's and Salpicon are my top picks for local specialties; for a more unusual (and luxurious) experience, Shanghai Terrace. And if I can add a couple of places that are not walking distance, Alinea (best restaurant in the United States - make your reservation NOW) and North Pond (contemporary American cuisine, served in an exquisite and uniquely Chicago setting, in the middle of the park). Both are a couple miles from the hotel and easily accessible via cab or public transit.

    Also 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel are a couple of local treasures for snacks: Garrett's Popcorn (on Michigan Avenue; they also have two stores at O'Hare) and Fox & Obel (our premier gourmet food store with terrific baked goods and the best of everything).

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      Anything in the area besides Portillos for an Italian Beef? Theres gotta be something better?

      Thanks for all the other recommendations.

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        Portillo's does an excellent Italian beef, one of the best and most consistent around. There's an Al's #1 Beef on the next block on Ontario, but some people don't like that particular location of Al's. And there's a Mr. Beef over on Orleans, but that's quite a bit further.

    2. Much may depend on what you have a taste for, at a given moment, but if you're in town 4 or 5 days, with free time, you'll be able to roam, and solicit opinions from people, regarding food options.
      Given that you'll stay at the Knickerbocker, you might enjoy Rosebud Steakhouse at 192 E. Walton, some evening. It's literally right across the street, next to the Drake Hotel.
      You could sit at the bar, they have a broad selection of wines by the glass, skim the menu, stay and dine, or go elsewhere. It's a festive cafe, part of what is now an extremely successful chain in the Chicago area, offering steaks, Italian fare, fish, and also, they have a bar menu, inexpensive, one of Chicago's biggest and best burgers.
      You may have to sit at the bar to order from the bar menu, and food portions are large, but the food is tasty, you'll probably have the Cubs or Sox or NBA or NHL playoffs, on tv, in May. Rosebud Steakhouse has, for my nickel, the best selection of breads anywhere, delicious, brioche, whole grain, baguettes, raisin bread, focaccia.
      My only disappointments have been the noise, on Friday and Saturday nights, and once, a waiter tried to persuade our party to order more food than any group could have eaten, but the festive atmosphere compensated for that, and the food is delicious reheated later.
      There are other enjoyable Chicago steakhouses of this nature (they all offer far more than steak), such as Gibson's, Harry Caray's, Gene & Georgetti's, and many more, but Rosebud is a very typical "Chicago" experience, and it'll be across the street from you, moreover, with 3 or 4 tables available outdoors, weather permitting.

      Rosebud Steakhouse
      192 E Walton Street, Chicago, IL 60611

      Harry Caray Restaurant
      5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638