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Mar 10, 2011 03:42 PM

How long do berries last frozen?

Blackberries and raspberries mainly (

I bought them over 2 months ago and their in the freeze, is it still edible?

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  1. unless there is an annormal temperature variation in your freezer, I say they are still good

    The worse that can happen is that they loose their "structural" integrity and turn to much when thawing.


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      They will be soft when thawed no matter what. Well, unless you have a blast freezer. As long as the berries are well protected from freezer burn, I'd say they should last up to a year.

    2. We've got blueberries from last summer in our freezer, and they're still edible, but about 25% less tasty than they were coming out of the freezer in December.

      1. One of my best friends is a berry farmer, so I asked. Here's what he said...

        Unless you're keeping the berries for jam or smoothies or such, less than a year for rasps and maybe a little longer for blackberries (which maintain their integrity better).

        Commercially-frozen berries in the opaque bags are almost always damaged goods before you get them. Berries carefully home-frozen on a cookie sheet and stored in rigid containers last longer.

        Blueberries seem to last much longer.