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Mar 10, 2011 03:38 PM

dark splatter stains on my stainless steel pans

Am I doing something wrong? wrong oil?

Everytime I cook something in my stainless steel pan I end up getting what looks like burnt oil stains in the inside walls of the pan.

I use extra light olive oil.

And these dark stains are so hard to get off once they cool down...its like little black dots everywhere.

Is it burnt oil? how can I prevent this?


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  1. Have no clue what causing the spots. Try Barkeepers Friend, available in most grocery stores near where you would find the Ajax or Comet. That may handle the problem. Also, I dont think the kind of olive oil you are using is the culprit.

    1. First the sides are heating up more than the bottom. Try to not use a flame bigger than the bottom of your pot or pan. This happens to me with my thick disk bottomed pots and can even happen in triply.

      Now to get rid of them. Try a product called Dawn Power Dissolver. Spray it on and let it sit then use a non abrasive scrub pad and try to scrub it off. Follow with Bar Keepers Friend. Repeat as needed.

      If nothing will get it off and it's really bothering you, then a more abrasive scrub pad will do the trick but will leave scratch patterns in your stainless steel.