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Mar 10, 2011 03:18 PM

ANYTHING even remotely good in the Finch/Steeles - 400/Weston Road quadrant?

Working there now... it seems like a scary industrial area with no place to eat!! Today we tried Angelo's family restaurant - great, fast and kind service, but diabolical food. Even though all I had was an iceberg salad, I left reeking of the deep fryer!
HELP!! - and my quadrant is not rigid - please alert me to any Chow gems anywhere in the area.

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  1. I grew up in that quad - bit barren, isn't it? You could (and likely have) done worse than Jolie's, which is an Italian place in the Crossroads complex at 401 and Weston. The LCBO next door is huge! Jolie's menu is basic, nothing adventurous, but nothing horrible either.

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      If KV mentioned Steeles, I doubt they want to go as far sould as the 401.

      KV: you could try the South American places at the building near 9 Milvan, or the Hakka Place at the corner of Milvan and Finch.

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        Tried the Hakka Place at Finch and Milvan. The warning was the very inexpensive price, and the food was just plain not worth going back to, unenjoyable! I would suggest the Vietnamese places in the immediate Finch Weston Rd area, Pho Dau Bo behind the Shell station one of the better ones!

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          I've never been there for lunch and ordered the specials. The items I ordered for takeout at dinner may be different, they were definitely quite edible and tasted good.

      2. there is pho dau bo and other vietnamese resturants around there

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          We enjoyed Pho Dau Bo. There is another Vietnamese restaurant in the same strip plaza, smaller and a more "homey" atmosphere. I am far from expert but we thought the food (bun and pho) was of good quality and value. You may also want to try the bahn mi (take out) only shop at the west end of the plaza. A good range of varieties, more than just cold cuts, and very generous portions, cheap, tasty and filling. There's a small selection of desserts as well. Nice people run it. Further west along Finch, also on the south side is another plaza with an Indian Sweets store (Vegetarian), I think there's 2 in that plaza. We go to the larger one. Can't remember the name. Very clean, good assortment and delicious. Again I'm not too familiar with this type of food but anything we've tried has been
          very good. It's also pretty busy which I think is a good sign. Hope this helps.

        2. If you shoot up Weston just a bit further to Highway 7 you will find a new Five Guys Burgers location. Great burger with lots of free toppings, fries are pretty good and you get a ton of em. Its worth a try!

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            OK - now we're talking! Will def try this Five Guys Place.

          2. There's a Latin American "mall" in the basement of an Industrial building on Milvan just north of Finch with a food court in the back. Not really a sit-down place but there's a couple of picnic tables iirc. Don't know the hours, might be a weekend thing.


            1. Mi pueblo on bradstock (south of finch and just east of Weston) has great pupusas! Mama Mia empanadas on islington between finch and steeles is also good for Chilean food. These are both slightly outside the area but I enjoy them more than what I've tried at milvan.

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                Bradstock is about 1/2 km north of Sheppard , in case anyone is looking. It's quite a way south of Finch.