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Mar 10, 2011 03:17 PM

Best Peking Duck in Shanghai??

In Shanghai for a couple of days. Where is the best place to have Peking Duck here? I know there is an outlet of a famous Bejing restaurant here but don't know the name. HELP PLEASE!!


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  1. You're referring to the 147-year-old Peking duck stalwart, Quanjude - it's got 3 branches in Shanghai:

    1. The duck at the Hyatt on the Bund restaurant, Xindalu, is excellent.

      And you can sample Shanghai and Hangzhou dishes as well....

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      1. re: erica

        Just have to say briefly, we went to Xindalu tonight. The duck really was good. The experience in the restaurant...especially the service, was nothing short of total disappointment. Total disorganization would be a good way to describe it. For a major hotel restaurant, the training of the staff was nothing short of bad. It would be my recommendation to eat duck elsewhere in Shanghai....Nuff said!

      2. I'm second on the Xindalu Hyatt on the bund, much better than Qianjude

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        1. My top choice for Beijing duck in Shanghai is hands down Lao Beijing on Henan Lu. The duck is great, the side dishes are really good (which is not always the case at "Beijing Duck Restaurants"), the English menu is HYSTERICAL and it's great value for menu (and clean, etc, etc). This is my "go to" for groups of visitors.

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            Awesome! I will give Lao Beijing a try in a few weeks, having had dinner 3-4 times at Xindalu.