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Mar 10, 2011 03:16 PM

What the heck is a Jersey Tomato??


So I had to have some oral surgery yesterday. Today, on this rainy day, I'm trying to catch up on the 929 or so shows I have tivo'd and I'm watching the episode of Top Chef with Paula Dean and Tiffiany D. says something along the lines of "Jersey Fresh Tomato - what the heck is that???" I must have replayed it 35 times ------ but can't figure out what Marcel says in response??? Call me crazy but does he say "it must involve sex on a beach?"

I AM on pain medication so please be gentle in your responses.

Also, I know there's a post in Media, but I can't go through 500 responses to see if this is mentioned and it DOES involve NJ !!!!

Thanks !!

Deb W.

  1. Not worth eating.

    If you see "Jersey Beefsteak Tomato," run the other way and find a farmer who is growing heirlooms.

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    1. re: tommy

      I must disagree! Up by my lake house in Sussex County you can get delicious local beefsteak Jersey tomatoes. Just delicious.

    2. Well, it was Marcel...

      And being bred born and raised in New Jersey and knew it when it was actually the Garden State" Jersey grown tomatoes were awesome!. Big, ugly, drabbest sweetest things. Then came industry. suburbs, agrofarms. Mind ya that took over 45 years, so lots of folks only heard the name. got that badly grown and all that jazz.

      Nothing beats picking a ripe tomato from the vine. Second to that is buying from a farm stand (of the few remaining from an actual farm) Jersey fresh tomato.

      1. I noticed that as well. They were refering to the Jersey Fresh brand of canned tomatoes.

          1. re: Veggo

            No, I know what a Jersey Tomato is . . . . . I'm trying to figure out what Marcel said about them.