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Mar 10, 2011 02:42 PM

Frozen Burritos-Do You Eat Them?

You can tell me your secret. Do they reside in your freezer? Do you have a favorite brand?
I've lately noticed several "upscale" brands at my favorite grocer that are roughly $2.00 to $3.00 each.
So far, my favorite is Evol from Colorado. We also get PJ's from the Bay Area, not quite as good.
Both have "real" organic ingredients, no filler.
Amy's-no meat, black beans, not pintos, and Tofu.! I'm not eating these things for my health, just a tasty quick snack.
Any others I should know and seek out?
If you love Reser's, El Monterrey, or Jose Ole, that's OK too, because I do, but I'm mainly interested in this new generation of FB's.

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  1. Trader Joe's *used* to have a fabulous roasted vegetable frozen burrito here in California. Along with roasted bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and more, it included black beans for more substance.

    Alas, it seems to be discontinued so no more frozen burritos for me.

    1. Amy's are terrible IMO. Patio and Tina's are staples. Don Miguel's "The Bomb" are fantastic.

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      1. re: CDouglas

        Funny, I just picked up a don miguel to try next, but not The Bomb. What is it, as my store doesn't have it..

        1. re: bbqboy

          The Bomb is the one you get at 7-11 at 3am after who knows how much Bacchanalian fun you just had. Goes great with an orange Vitamin Water.

          1. re: CDouglas

            I'm past drinking and driving, but not either by themselves, so I will hit my local 7-11
            and check it out. :)

        2. re: CDouglas

          My 14 yo son loves Amy's bean and cheese burritos. That's his go-to meal when he doesn't want the chow-ish whatever dish I've cooked for the rest of us.

        3. Ramona's burritos are not haute cuisine by any stretch but they are quite satisfying for the low price

          1. I like the EL MONTEREY bean & beef chimmichangas, and the bean and chile burritos. Makes a great late-night snack with some Tapito hot sauce.

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            1. re: arktos

              El Monterrey are good for a quick "I don't feel like cooking but I'm hungry" supper. I usually have some of those in the freezer.

            2. Interesting that I recently got an extra freezer at last, and have been paying attention to frozen foods that seem sound in their ingredients. The Evol burritos, which my supermarket was recently clearancing (maybe discontinuing?) were quite good, and a great deal at the clearance price. But I think they're regularly $3 a pop, and maybe they just weren't selling well.

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              1. re: Bada Bing

                I love the EVOL burritos. Nicely done.