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Mar 10, 2011 02:27 PM

Cape Town area eats -- Die Strandloper?

We're heading to Cape Town next week and using the boards to plan our eating schedule[thanks!].... which looks amazing. It seems for day trip seafood most people recommend Codfathers. On another site I've found good reviews for Die Strandloper - has anyone had good experiences there? other recommendations for the waterfront dining excursion?

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  1. re Strandloper - think it's good for the experience rather than the food - which wasn't bad, just wasn't particularly out of the ordinary (only been the once). The setting & vibe they go for are unusual though, so it's still a good one to put on the list I think, if you have the time.

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      thanks! it sounds like I should hit Codfathers first but will try to fit this in also and report back if I do.

      1. re: stockmo

        seriously out of date here, I know, but I'd like to point out to visitors that Die Strandloper is in Langebaan, up the west coast, and just over an hour's drive out of Cape Town. So not something you'd pop down to with a taxi.

        Other fish options are the Post Office Tree in Kalkbay, and Live Bait (they usually have three local fish options), also in Kalkbay.

        1. re: Gooseberry

          Which Restaurant in Kalkbay would have the best Crawfish?
          We had a wonderful Meal there a couple of years ago, and can't remember which Restaurant.
          They also had a dish of Baby Crawfish or Octopus (can't remember which) that was delicious.

          1. re: erly

            Hi Erly

            We don't really use the term crawfish here. We have crayfish, which is like a small lobster, and then there are langoustines, which are like giant prawns in the shell.

            You might have eaten at the Brass Bell, which is a traditional place people go to for seafood in the area. Haven't been in years, but they are the ones most likely to offer a seafood platter, etc.

            1. re: Gooseberry

              must have been a Senior moment.
              Of course Crayfish.
              We did have an excellent Lunch at Harbor House, which I think is in Kalkbay about 3 years ago,but reviews have not been good.
              Anyone been there recently?
              If not Brass Bell it is.

              1. re: erly

                I haven't been to Harbour House in over a year, but their food was pretty good the last few times I'd been there. And it has great views in the daytime.

                Another place you might consider, a bit further south, is Black Marlin - I really enjoyed the food, setting and service there. And they do have crayfish prepared in various ways, as well as a crayfish braai (but I'm not sure which seasons that's offered in).

                1. re: erly

                  I had lunch there maybe six months ago? Nothing to report, it was a good meal. I more typically go to Live Bait, the floor below. Slightly more casual, still has the fabulous views.