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recipes using OVEN BAGS

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  • pamd Mar 10, 2011 01:35 PM
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I bought a box of oven bags by accident. Do they work better or not so great?
Anyone have any good recipes using them? Also, do they work for fish or just meat/poultry?

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  1. They'll work with an of the foods you listed. They simply concentrate the heat so that foods cook more quickly and with less loss of moisture.
    Here's a link that will help you learn more about their use:


    1. I do a pork shoulder "Pernil" with sazon,garlic,cilantro and beer in a oven bag ,and it's always been a hit with beans and rice,maduros and corn salsa.

      1. two things i can recommend: one is a dish that i've eaten, and the other is one on my "to do" list -- from sara moulton.

        first, i had a terrific venison roast made in an oven bag, with olive oil, wine and a little rosemary, garlic and thyme, salt & pepper. dee-licious.

        second, sara moulton's duck confit in an oven bag! if sara endorses it, i am jumping on that train -- esp. since it looked so easy. http://saramoulton.com/2010/09/duck-c...

        i am definitely a fan of the reynold's oven bag (when it is appropriate), and an even bigger cheerleader for its sister product, the slow cooker liner bag, which is a godsend for clean up! http://www.reynoldspkg.com/reynoldski...

        1. Best one I've ever made was in the NY Times magazine years ago, and very easy, huge success for company meals.... I think it called for a 4lb pork loin roast (I've also made it with tenderloin) in the bag with one cup each prunes, dried apples and dried apricots, 1/2 cup white wine and 1 cup brown sugar. Bake at 350 f til done. It looked very pretty on a large platter centered in a ring of rice with the fruits around the sliced or unsliced roast and sauce poured over. Too much fruit/sugar for me these days. :-/

          1. anyone have a seasoning mix recipe for boneless chicken in an oven bag?

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              Put a package of any flavor marinade mix in the bag and make according to directions. (glass baking pan) Add chicken breasts - squish, tie up, cut a few slits, bake 350 40 min. Tender and juicy.

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                I think I am going to use a good seasons packet and some oil/water, I will try that next time for sure

            2. Fish:

              My wife and I enjoyed a dinner of 6 thick sea bass and 6 cod steaks at the home of a colleague in Spain.

              Cooked with onions, carrots, leeks, olives, and garlic cloves, which were placed on the bottom of the bag, under the seasoned fish steaks.

              1. i'm making oxtails.