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happy hour with good eats before Surly tour?

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Good news--my hubby gets to take his 4 closest beer-loving friends on a Surly tour on March 18th. (5th anniversary "essay" contest winner on Facebook) The tour begins at 6pm, and we're hoping to grab a bite to eat before the tour. Is there anything near the brewery (4811 Dusharme Dr. Mpls.) worth checking out? Perhaps a place with a fun happy hour (good food & drink specials)? As always, your help is much appreciated.

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  1. Actually, this is really Brooklyn Center. Roughly Hwy 100 and France. There isn't much to choose from around here. I'd recommend The Sunshine Factory. They have a great happy hour from 3 - 6, good food, and Surly on tap.

    The Sunshine Factory is on 42nd and Quebec. Pretty convenient to the Surly Brewery.


    Brooklyn Center Restaurant
    5637 Brooklyn Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55429

    1. Papa's pizza has 2-1 beer and wine, as well as $7 pizza from 5-7. It's very close to the brewery.

      1. Good Lord! That's Awesome! Here's what I'd do. Call up the folks at Travail. It's in Robbinsdale. They open at 5. Great eats. Call them, tell them you are are touring Surly, and ask if they can get you in at 5 on the spot, with a menu that will please you. They serve Surly. And they are top notch chefs. It might work - worth a call.

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          Victory 44 opens earlier, so you won't have to eat in 45 minutes, and is also close to the brewery.

          Note: Neither option has any specials at that hour.

          Victory 44
          2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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            We've been to Travail. Yum! And we're now figuring out that it's near the brewery. (We're not locals...from La Crosse.) We haven't been to Victory 44, though, and it's on our "to try" list. Might have to leave it up to our travel companions. If we just want to sit at the bar, which one is bigger? I'm assuming that Travail will be slammed. There's plenty of space for standing but not a lot of seating. How about V44?

            Victory 44
            2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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              V-44 should have plenty of space.