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Mar 10, 2011 12:21 PM

Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack in the Triangle

Has anyone in the triangle found this yet? I must have it.

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  1. fact, around the time you posted this I spent awhile calling several grocery stores(harris teeter, lowes foods, kroger, whole foods, food lion, target...probably a few more) looking for it and could. not. find. it. anywhere. So frustrating! I still can't find it - actually live in MD but haven't seen it here anywhere either.

    1. I saw it yesterday at the Harris Teeter in Meadowmont Village in Chapel Hill, on sale for 2 for $7 I believe? :) It was there with all the others -- Americone Dream, etc. Good selection. Enjoy!

      Harris Teeter
      , New Bern, NC 28560

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        Thanks to this thread and your post - I just popped out to one of the bigger HTs near my work. Got a Late Night Snack - and some sorbet!

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          They had the Colbert stuff when it first came out, so I imagine most of the HTs in the area will have this too. If not, there is always the B&Js on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill.

          1. re: apronstrings

            Yep, I bought some and it's gone already.

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              lol, so i wasn't planning on getting any, but i totally caved today. two spoonfuls in and i have to say it is utterly brilliant... :D happy eating, chowhounds!

            2. I found some today at the Food Lion on Hillsboro Rd. in Durham - and it was on sale! Haven't tasted it yet - but it's on the agenda for tonight.

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                Okay I tried mine ( a lot) - this stuff is seriously good! REALLY good.

              2. If anyone wants to try just a scoop, the B&J's across from Meredith has it.

                My scoop had very little caramel. The potato chip bits were crunchy with a true flavor.

                1. Think I saw this at the Food Lion in WoodCroft.