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Mar 10, 2011 11:48 AM

Mompou ~ Newark

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  1. Yes! It's a cute spot, walkable from Penn Station (if that matters), food overall was very good (octopus and hangar steak esp), and it's got a good vibe. Packed bar and tables on the weekends, though--just FYI.

    1. Call for reservations. We went on a Tuesday night at 6 and couldn't even get a table for 4.

      1. I've been several times. I think the food is very good - I too recommend the octopus. The place has a nice vibe.

        1. Sounds great everyone!! Thanks for all the tips!

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            Let us know what you think, if you go.

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              Thanks, bropaul. We were supposed to go this past Friday night, but my husband's flight was delayed an did not get onto Newark until after 10 pm. Maybe in the near future! Sounds great!!

          2. Well, I finally made it here. I must say, I could have stayed away even longer. Sorry, but I just don't get it. Aside from the place being nice to look at, I thought the food we had was just ok. Nothing extraordinary at all. The calamari sauted with bacon in a tomato sauce was served not very warm at all. They were the frozen rings of calamari, so can you say boring? The dish was just missing something, some sort of kick.

            The next was the chorizo. This was just fine, because how can you screw that up? The menu did nothing for me. Nothing jumped out and grabed my eye. I know I only tried 2 items, but like I said, nothing really looked or sounded amazing. Plus, since our food was not served hot, we just got the vibe that the place was "off." I also think it is a little pricey considering the size of the items. I know they are tapas, but $ 14 for the calamari dish was high considering it was in a bowl with a lot more of tomato sauce than anything else.

            My husband really wanted to try Vivo's Tapas Bar instead..I wish now we went there instead.


            Oh well, another lesson learned the hard way. :(

            167 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105