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Mar 10, 2011 11:41 AM

Squid Ink in London

Nigella Lawson says one can buy packets of squid ink, and you certainly can't where I live in the middle of the US. Will be in London and thought I might try bringing some home, since black risotto is a last meal food choice for me. (Not that I'm planning such, but....) Where can I find it?

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  1. It's a little pricey (at least compared to here in Spain), but you can buy it mail-order from

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    1. re: butterfly

      I can mail order it from here in the States; I was hoping to just tuck a little in my bag. In a sealed container, of course.

      1. re: lemons

        You can buy it in my local fishmongers - Le Petit Poissoniere, on Gloucester Avenue, Primrose Hill. Its a nice part of town to visit too, esp if you walk up primrose hill itself..

    2. You can get it at Carluccio's. Its a chain Italian restaurant you'll see all over town. They carry it in their attached shops.

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      1. re: r.vacapinta

        Excellent. Yes, I do know about Carluccio's; BBC Good Food mag is available where I live and they mention them sometimes. Good tip; thanks a lot.

        Castle St, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 1, GB

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          On second thought, they may only have squid ink sauce which is not the same - I'd have to go check. Harrod's is probably the best bet for actual squid ink.

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            i'd be surprised if they had it at carluccios, the only place i've seen it is at a fishmongers

      2. They definitely have it in the Harvey Nicks food hall.