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Mar 10, 2011 11:14 AM

Guy Savoy, Le Cinq and Taillevent

I am lucky enough to have lunch reservations at all three of Guy Savoy, Le Cinq and Taillevent. My husband and I are planning on keeping two of the three reservations. Which one should we drop?

The biggest consideration for us is quality of the experience (with the emphasis on food quality). We care less about diversifying our experiences (that's what dinner is for!). Thus, if Le Cinq and Tailevent are the best, we are happy to do both, even though they are more similar than Guy Savoy.

We have already been to L'Astrance, but if you think there is another place we should consider, I would love to hear that too.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Three great choices, but if l had to drop it would be Taillevent. It has not been as wonderful since M Vrinat passed on.

    1. If you put emphasis on food, there is a chance you be disapointed at GS, because there are problems with the quality of the food there (by three star standards that is).

      If you consider how the restaurant looks, Taillevent and Le Cinq are somewhat alike in the sense that they're both traditional luxury, even though one if typically a palace with the monumental dining room at end o fthe gallery, and the other is actually a mansion.

      But if you consider the type of experience, Le Cinq and Guy Savoy are more similar because they both have that sense of show and taking extra care of you. At the same time service at Taillevent is exceptional.

      All three wine lists are great, but the Taillevent one is pretty unique for its gently price wonderful classics. This is the place if you like old Burgundys or Grand Crus de Bordeaux.

      Overall, I'd say Le Cinq and Savoy are better, but the three are actually very different and if you like th Taillevent, it's pretty exceptional. It is like Gusteau's in Ratataouille, your dreamed French high end restaurant.

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        Thanks so much for the responses. To further my indecision, I also added a Pierre Garnier lunch reservation to the mix, based on the 3 star chain on the French board. How does that compare to the other three choices? My plan would be still to keep only two reservations.

        Thanks so much again,

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          Silly me and my terrible French -- Pierre Gagnaire is what I meant

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              Below is the link to an interesting earlier post on Pierre Gagnaire