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Jan 6, 2006 08:09 AM

Henry Moffett's Chicken Pies

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Anyone been to this establishment in Bellflower? A friend of ours is raving and we are heading out there this weekend to humor him.

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  1. I went there a couple of years ago and was extremely disappointed. The chicken and dumplings was a bowl of yellowish slop. My mom had the fried chicken and thought it was good. Skip it.

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    1. re: Shari Posey
      Joan and Jock Mirrey

      We moved from Arcadia to Texas in 1993 and still talk about Moffett's chicken pies. Whenever someone comes to visit, they bring us a cooler full of them. We wish Moffett's would ship like Omaha Steaks does. Our friends in Dallas come around when they know we have company coming from Arcadia.

      We have tried every chicken pie there is and none are as good. Keep up the good work. How about coming to Dallas?

      1. re: Shari Posey

        Is the place called Henry Moffett's "Chicken Pies".
        Although there might be some sleepers on the menu, I think I would order the chicken pie.

      2. My grandma has lived around the corner from the Bellflower Moffets for about 25 years and we used to go there all the time. Same for the one in Arcadia.

        Sorry to anyone who had an unpleasant experience, but I love the chicken pot pies. I can feel the arteries clogging from all that gravy, but, damn they are good. Flaky crust, tender chicken and really good gravy.

        It might just be comfort food, but when i was in college I would buy them frozen by the dozen and my friends would try to buy them off me...

        I'd say at least try them out.

        1. We finally stopped in at the Bellflower spot the other day, after having passed it on numerous trips to Long Beach and back. We will never just pass them by again, I think! The only things making my chicken and noodles less than perfect to my taste were that the noodles were not homemade and there was too much white meat and not enough dark. The veges I got as a side dish would be scorned by most, being overcooked peas and carrots, but they were well seasoned and somehow perfect. The fluffy biscuits and real live butter were splendid. And I *LOVE* that "yellowish slop" - gravy, it's called, and it tasted like grandma's to me!

          The best things, though, were on Mrs. O's plate: the fried chicken, some of the best I've ever tasted anywhere, and the seasoned plank fries with a side of Green Goddess dressing to dip them in. Those fries were fluffy and tender as the biscuits, and delicious all by themselves, but that business with the GG dressing was a stroke of genius.

          We're all stoked about trying the Arcadia Moffett's, just to see how it compares. Well, I hope, since we live practically next door!

          1. The Arcadia Moffett's isn't nearly as good as the Bellflower store. It seems designed to cater to people with no teeth, if you know what I mean.

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            1. re: condiment

              Wow...I thought the Bellflower one did that! Aside from a few kinda chewy chunks of white meat, I didn't have anything on my plate that I needed teeth for. Even Tania's fried chicken could probably have been licked off the bone!

              We're still going to check out the Arcadia one, and will pass along our impressions.

            2. I remember reading a rave review of the chicken fried steak served at the Bellflower Moffett's and I put it in my list of places to try whenever I am up traveling through the area.