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Henry Moffett's Chicken Pies

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Anyone been to this establishment in Bellflower? A friend of ours is raving and we are heading out there this weekend to humor him.

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  1. I went there a couple of years ago and was extremely disappointed. The chicken and dumplings was a bowl of yellowish slop. My mom had the fried chicken and thought it was good. Skip it.

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      Joan and Jock Mirrey

      We moved from Arcadia to Texas in 1993 and still talk about Moffett's chicken pies. Whenever someone comes to visit, they bring us a cooler full of them. We wish Moffett's would ship like Omaha Steaks does. Our friends in Dallas come around when they know we have company coming from Arcadia.

      We have tried every chicken pie there is and none are as good. Keep up the good work. How about coming to Dallas?

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        Is the place called Henry Moffett's "Chicken Pies".
        Although there might be some sleepers on the menu, I think I would order the chicken pie.

      2. My grandma has lived around the corner from the Bellflower Moffets for about 25 years and we used to go there all the time. Same for the one in Arcadia.

        Sorry to anyone who had an unpleasant experience, but I love the chicken pot pies. I can feel the arteries clogging from all that gravy, but, damn they are good. Flaky crust, tender chicken and really good gravy.

        It might just be comfort food, but when i was in college I would buy them frozen by the dozen and my friends would try to buy them off me...

        I'd say at least try them out.

        1. We finally stopped in at the Bellflower spot the other day, after having passed it on numerous trips to Long Beach and back. We will never just pass them by again, I think! The only things making my chicken and noodles less than perfect to my taste were that the noodles were not homemade and there was too much white meat and not enough dark. The veges I got as a side dish would be scorned by most, being overcooked peas and carrots, but they were well seasoned and somehow perfect. The fluffy biscuits and real live butter were splendid. And I *LOVE* that "yellowish slop" - gravy, it's called, and it tasted like grandma's to me!

          The best things, though, were on Mrs. O's plate: the fried chicken, some of the best I've ever tasted anywhere, and the seasoned plank fries with a side of Green Goddess dressing to dip them in. Those fries were fluffy and tender as the biscuits, and delicious all by themselves, but that business with the GG dressing was a stroke of genius.

          We're all stoked about trying the Arcadia Moffett's, just to see how it compares. Well, I hope, since we live practically next door!

          1. The Arcadia Moffett's isn't nearly as good as the Bellflower store. It seems designed to cater to people with no teeth, if you know what I mean.

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              Wow...I thought the Bellflower one did that! Aside from a few kinda chewy chunks of white meat, I didn't have anything on my plate that I needed teeth for. Even Tania's fried chicken could probably have been licked off the bone!

              We're still going to check out the Arcadia one, and will pass along our impressions.

            2. I remember reading a rave review of the chicken fried steak served at the Bellflower Moffett's and I put it in my list of places to try whenever I am up traveling through the area.

              1. I wandered on the page that I was looking at and found a story about the closing of an old chicken pot pie place, funky though it was, in Bellflower. It was really 1948.

                When I read the story I was filled with some nostalgia and when I saw the opportunity to go to its sister restaurant by the same name, I decided to take a drive from silverlake district to Pasadena and East.

                Its out past pasadena, a far stretch, but then for a wonderful home cooked meal, wouldn't you be willing to drive a bit. This is really along the old route 66, just a few bloks south.

                To get there you turn south on Baldwin Avenue, below Huntington Drive, about 4 or 5 blocks. It is next door to a
                large cvs pharmacy, carefully tucked away in the corner of the shoppin center.

                Inside the atmosphere is warm and friendly country, large cold cases filled with fresh made chicken and beef pot piesto take home,,and, pies for dessert, fresh bread made in small loaves.

                I went in and immediately fell in love with the place, the girls who wait on you could easily be a daughter or niece, very nice girls, clean cut, and efficient.

                Folks in the booths with their wives and often small children are enjoying the meal.

                Each booth is clean and private, with a freshly washed and ironed white curtain sliding along the top of the booth toassure you privacy if you wish to have it.

                The salad comes out first, unless you ordered the days soup which was chicken noodle. The salad was delicious, each bite more exciting than the last. I had blue cheese dressing which added to the enjoyment and I broke a couple of soda crackers over the top to get more crunch.

                I thought the salad was filled with raisins but I could not see any. Then I figured out that someone very clever had combined the traditional green lettuce salad with some 4 bean sweet and sour salad to make it interesting. I enjoyed the salad and could no work my way through it fast enough.

                Then my order, the beef pot pie dinner plate with an extra chicken pot pie thrown in arrived at the table alon with a plate of soft, tasty, fresh bread accompanied by small packets or butter and a packet of honey.

                The bread was larger, but much like the parker house rolls so many folks adore, soft and tasty, very white inside, with bright glossy brown tops. This bread was larger but of the same variety, freshly baked on the premises, and quite delicious in its own right.

                Now for the pie, the beef pie was warm and covered with a crust that showed it had been recently browned in the oven. The contents were warm and quite tasty. No waste or grizzle here, just sweet small pieces of beef that someone had taken the time to prepare correctly. There were some vegetables within the pie, also, possibly some carrots and some green beans. The pie was itself a prize, and delicious to every bite.

                I had more than enough with the beef pie so I did not tackle the chicken pie next to it on the combo special plate which costs $2.10 more. It is a clever way of getting an extra meal to take home.

                The beef pie was dished up with mashed potatoes covered in a tasty chocolate colored gravy and accompanied by a medium to large servinvg of green beans just like mom used to make them.

                I ate all I had room for, and opted for a white box to take my extra chicken pie an part of my beef pie and accompanying items home in.

                Then the waitress came to tell me what was available for dessert. They include pie or cake or whatever they have here for dessert at no extra charge. I decided that the nostalgia of moms old cooking would best include the rhubarb pie, so I ordered that. It arrived, not as large as one would get if one make a special request for pie and paid extra. But a nice size, about 2 1/2 inches across the top, and a wedge of say an 8 or 9" pie.

                I had a few bites and found it like that mom used to make, after my taster was fully pleased I put the rest in my white box and I was ready to go.

                This place is not cheap, as beef pie dinner plate is $9.00 but you get enough for 2 days meals if you like to microwave your leftovers and the food is delicious. The extra pot pie was $2.10, as was the diet coke with free refills. So the bill came to around $15, which when split inhalf, is two meals at $7.50 each, not bad for todays prices.

                The quality is there, the taste is to my liking, and I was pleased that I ventured out to try Moffits in Arcadia. t is located at 1490 South Baldwin Avenue, in the shopping center, south of Huntington Drive, and it is hidden away in the corner of the center next door to CVS Pharmacy building.


                On 2/11/08, robert stacey quoted:

                Justlaughing writes about the bellflower moffets:

                "This place was the Bubba Gump of chicken. They had great fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, chicken pot pie, chicken soup, chicken salad, chicken caesar, chicken strips, hot chicken wings, chicken and giblets, chicken and noodles, chicken salad sandwich, chicken and dumplings, chicken and waffles and .... You get the picture. The Arcadia location does offer those great Chicken pot pies, chicken and noodles, sometimes a very good chicken gumbo soup and sometimes a Friday special "Roast Chciken," but the chicken choices do not go much further there.Therefore this closing represents a MAJOR LOSS for the whole LA area. To compound the loss, the people who worked there, and the owner, are real down-to earth people. Going there for a meal was like going home. Oh, I just remembered those giant snickerdoodle and peanut butter cookies that were always on the counter as you left. On No. Oh S... I hope there is a re-opening someplace, and soon!

                Henry Moffett's Chicken Pies (Closed)
                16506 Lakewood Blvd
                Bellflower, CA 90706-5193
                (562) 925-5061 "

                In Arcadia, independent of the bellflower place is:

                Moffett's Family Restaurant, Chicken Pie Shoppe (Two great Soups everyday, Chicken Pot Pie either mixed white/dark meat or White Meat only, Beef Pot Pie, & fruit Pies, Must try the pumpkin, Eat there or takeout (Also, uncooked beef or chicken pies). Order custom Chicken pot pie casserole to go in your own casserole dish)
                1409 S. Baldwin Ave.
                Arcadia, CA
                (626) 447-4670
                Monday-Saturday: 11:00am to 9:00pm
                Two blocks South of Huntington Drive next to Sav-On Drugs
                Menu – google for sangabriel menus and use the letter m to see the menu

                As for the old place:

                I ate there a couple of times, it was really down home, in the past for sure. It seemed to need redecorating and a good cleanup, seemed like it was a bit sweaty kind of place.

                The food was good, prices were reasonable , , and the help was friendly.

                Robert Stacey and Charlie Dawg live in the Silverlake Hills of Los Angeles.

                1. If heaven is here on Earth, it exists in a tiny little dive of a diner called La Palma Chicken Pie Shop. Every dream that girl's ever had of seasoned waitresses, gravy and brown vinyl came true after visiting this local gem. This place is probably the best example of don't judge a book by it's cover. However the food is super cheap and super tasty.Your meal begins with soup AND a choice of salad or cole slaw. The chicken noodle is creamy and comforting. Boyfriend's salad had bottled ranch, which he loves and I can't stand. Really glad I went for the crisp slaw, which is a more homemade version of KFC. Plain ole dinner rolls accompany both.

                  "Special steak" with fries was boyfriend's entree choice. Not sure what makes it "special" (perhaps because it's the most expensive thing on the menu, and eight dollars for that matter) but he liked it.Couldn't resist ordering the breaded beef cutlets. Pretty much if it's breaded and fried I'm going to like it. Though the meat was a little tough, the golden brown crust and bacon cream gravy made up for it. Fluffy mashers on the side were buttery and bountiful. I love that the meat is placed on top of the gravy so as not to disguise the golden goodness of fried meat. Yummy.

                  We had to order a chicken pot pie a la carte to try it. I mean "chicken pie" is in the name of the place. Tender chunks of chicken tucked into a tender crust and smothered with a thin gravy. Just perfect, no complaints here.Though we were stuffed, pie COMES WITH your meal so we both got apple. Delicate flaky crust sprinkled with sugar surrounds too sweet apple pie filling. Hey, it's free. If you ever get within fifty miles of this place, YOU MUST GO. Here's the pics...

                  La Palma Chicken Pie Shop
                  928 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801

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                    Even though the service is friendly and the chicken pies are good, I won't dine there because of the filth and the hours. They close at something like 8pm. If you dine in, you'll notice the poor condition of the place and the grime. I feel sorry for the place because it used to be one of my top 10 favorites 15 or 20 years ago. I will stop by once in a while to pick up a few chicken pies because they really are good (no veggies in these pies to get in the way of the chicken). I have never had a surprise in a pie there (bone, gristle or cartilege) which is great. Can't say that about empenadas (Filipino, Argentina, etc.) or other chicken pastries which can have one or two surprises inside. Last time I picked up a Napolean for my wife (around $2.50!) because it's her favorite and she said it was excellent.

                    1. re: GoodEatz

                      Yeah, they do close kinda early and you basically get kicked out at 7:59pm. But the filth??? Seemed pretty clean to me, just old and faded, like the waitresses.

                  2. I saw this post and checked out the Arcadia branch a few months back. I think it's a good comfort food - tasty, convenient and cheap. We ate there, and got some fresh pies to go. The pie crust were nice and flakey, the chicken actually has flavor, and the gravy was good - not too assertive and not too bland. I liked the fries with the gravy instead of the mashed potatoes (which were bland). I got the burger there also and the beef patty was tasty.

                    Better yet, I baked the take home fresh pies a few days later and they were fine. Froze 2 and baked them a few weeks later and they turned out well also.

                    So - if you are nostagic for the days when you had to pop a Swanson's chicken pot pie into the little toaster oven and wait 40 minutes for the pie to be done - Moffets is loads better.

                    1. I loved the one in Bellflower until it closed. I'll have to check out the Arcadia branch to fill the void. Now, Fritz's has just closed too. http://www.presstelegram.com/search/c...
                      What's Bellflower coming to?