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Mar 10, 2011 10:57 AM

La Scarpetta - Mamaroneck

Looking for some input on this place.

I've heard this is from the same owners of Spadaro in New Rochelle. I'm wondering if the prices are as high? Do they offer menu or just daily suggestions as at Spadaro?

211 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

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  1. I would love to know myself. I can't find anything about that place anywhere. I haven't seen the menu anywhere online. I can't find too many reviews. It seems to lead a stealth existence.

    My husband and I tried to go several weeks ago. It was a Saturday night and we had no idea if they required reservations or not, but it was close by, so we decided to check it out. We walked in and saw that it was crowded with one or two free tables. After standing at the door for a couple of minutes no one came over and acknowledged us. We got tired of being ignored and left. My husband takes stuff like that pretty personally, so he refuses to go back. If I heard anything good about the food or the service, I'd try to talk him into giving it another try.

    The predecessor restaurant had great service, but unimpressive food for the prices they charged.

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      I don't usually post about places to which I haven't been, but I thought, since you were asking for info, I would provide search results. I hope this helps.
      (NOTE: the restaurant is listed as La Scarbitta but the address is correct.


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        Glad one of those sites had a menu. $12 for a plain arugula salad? $18 for a chicken cutlet or bowties with pesto? Not sure it would be worth it.

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        That experience sounds like the same owners as Spadaro. I remember arriving there with reservations for our anniversary dinner not long after they opened, and standing by the door waiting forever with our bottle of wine without being acknowledged until we finally walked out. My husband refused to go back, and I didn't really fight him on it.

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          i have been there a few times.Its basically the same as spadaros.No menu
          frankly its just ok but its byob so that helps.

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            Scarpetta has a menu and they have daily specials they write on the blackboard and recite tableside. Prices are posted for everything and it is not cash only.

      3. The lack of menu at Spadaro was a huge turnoff for me. It's like they could pull outrageous prices out of the air and charge you for it. No smaller portions for kids, just the same through the nose prices for adults. Cash only too, right? Quite the racket.

        The food was very good, but at some point, the trade off for this kind of ploy is just not worth it. So there's no way I'm setting foot into La Scarpetta if they operate by the same outrageous playbook.

        211 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

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          This place rocked!! Went for dinner on Saturday night. got the low down on everything brought up here on this thread. But first the meal: 8pm reso's place was packed with convial folks--greeted and sat at small bar waited for party to arrive. Still BYO. Read the blackboard and watched foof coming out and being eaten as it's a tight loud place. All looked promising. Seated in back room which was perfect for the 6 of us. Loud and boisterous which again for the 6 of us was great. Received menus. Nothing crazy price wise and just nice to see a menu after a few times at Spadaros getting surprised at the prices. Shared some apps and bread. The artichoke was spectacular. light, studded with garlic and perfectly cooked. Gnocchi and cavatelli with Venison were equallly specatucular. Grilled bread with oil & garlic cloves hit the spot. We stopped sharing after that. My bucatini amatriciana was heaven. They know pasta and gravy. Hands down superb. I did steal a bight of someones pan fried trout with lemon & wine. Very nice but nothing close to any of the pastas for me. the mixed grill plate was huge and simple. they did not share sadly. I though that the evening could not get any better after finding some of the best pastas around but then came the home-made cannoli & Italian cheesecake. The cannoli was around $9 but honestly it was worth it. It was big and the shell was fresh and crunchy. filled to over capacity with the most silky, creamy and well balanced I have had in decades. The cheese cake was also wonderful and silky not like typical ricotta cheesecake is. So that was the dinner in a nut-shell.

          Now for the facts straight from Rosa:
          1. they have to change the name to La Scarbitta because Scott Conant sent them a letter threatening legal action for using La Scarpetta.
          2. Rosa is the sister that broke away from the sister that now runs Spadaro in New Ro.
          3. they take credit cards.
          4. they take reservations

          Overall equal to if not better then Spadaro for a number of reasons. the biggest one is that it's closer to our home! Another treasure to the county's resto scene!

          1. re: cubanat

            The only thing I found odd that I did not ask the owners about is why they are not using the wood fired pizza oven that occupies the front open kitchen space?

        2. I don't know if they are related to the other restaurant, but I can tell you I went to La Scarpetta once, and I will never go back.

          Feels like a typical Times Square tourist trap, they say "welcome, we're your family now", as they overcharge you for everything... our basic dinner for 2 with no desserts came to close to $170. What a ripoff, and the food was no better than average...

          1. I think the food is very good, and I like that Rosa brings out little "extras," however, the price is just too high. Paying $18 for a burrata appetizer is just too much IMHO.

            1. Due to the fact that Scarpetta in the city had a problem with the restaurants original name, it was changed to Rosa's La Scarbitta some time ago.

              Most of the people dining at the restaurant the night we were there appeared to be very content regular customers, this created a nice friendly vibe in the dining room and thus added to the experience as a whole.

              I have been experiencing with increased frequency atrocious, elitist, crappy attitude and service in many of Westchester's restaurants .

              If Rosa wants to greet me warmly and make me feel like a part of the family...well I encourage her to "knock herself out" I love it, it makes me feel a lot more welcome than the folks who make it pretty clear that they believe they are doing me a favor by allowing me to dine at their establishment... I'm so over that classless bullshit of being made to feel uncomfortable and unworthy!

              The bread and olive oil were of a very good quality all of the food including a salad with an exceptional vinaigrette (no photo) was fresh uncomplicated and delicious...great espresso too. Hmm just one thing though, IMO the cheese cake does not need the raspberry sauce it detracts from its goodness, I would recommend ordering it on the side. I personally did not find the prices excessive considering the quality and quantity of the food and overall experience...

              skirt steak
              cheese cake