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Jan 6, 2006 03:14 AM

Uncle Darrows

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Uncle Darrows does anyone know about the food... is the food good ???

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    I have been to Uncle Darrow's twice. First time I had the Shrimp Po’Boy and on return I had the shrimp and Oyster Po’Boy. The shrimp and Oysters were perfectly battered and deep fried. On both trips I went when I was really not that hungry and so I could not finish the sandwich. I took half of it home and later I finished them cold. They were just as good cold as when they were hot. I will retirn soon and try some of that peach cobbler – it looks great. Also, This place will be my last stop every time I fly out of LAX. Everyone on the plane will want to know....

    Uncle Darrow's (Shrimp, Oyster Po’Boy - request grilled fish to be healthier, Peach Cobbler) original post – Xericx
    2560 S Lincoln Blvd
    Marina del Rey, CA 90291
    (310) 306-4862
    Cross Street: Washington Boulevard

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    1. re: Like-Go-Eat?
      rabo encendido

      "The shrimp and Oysters were perfectly battered and deep fried...."

      Re: Fried Items---don't they roll everything in corn meal vs. batter? This makes for that clingy, ultra-crispy, perfectly Big Easy-esque coating.

      Anyhoo, I don't get out to MdR much, so I sorely miss the old Uncle Darrow's outpost @ La Brea/Venice. Agree with Like-Go-Eat that food is tasty, and generously apportioned. Great jambalaya, as well.

      1. re: rabo encendido

        Agreed! Agreed... not the best darn Cajun food out there... but darn tasty chow none the less! :)


      2. re: Like-Go-Eat?

        I live close to it and go often.

        I love the food, but find the shrimp a little hard in the corn meal crust. It also overpowers the taste of the shrimp. Great on catfish.

        The peach cobbler is excellent!

        I can't get used to the neon green color of their gator salad dressing but have no problem eating it.

        The fried foods are rolled and cooked to order so the wait is a little long... but worth it.

        Wish they'd have gumbo every day.

      3. Uncle Darrow's is not quite authentic but definitely satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs southern food.

        In my opinion and experience, you can never really replicate New Orleans po-boys because the bread isn't real french bread (Leidenheimer's bread) and no matter how good the inside of a po-boy is, you need the crusty yet light-as-air bread to make a proper po-boy.

        It is just my two-cents but I think the Gumbo Pot at the Farmer's Market is better.

        1. b

          I really like the "Zeek" which is a shrimp, catfish and potato salad po boy. The oyster and shrimp is very good as well. However they use turkey sausage in there gumbo and while healthier, it just aint the same. Good gumbo and jambalaya whether it is light or dark needs the flavor of andouille or tasso or both. For gumbo I like the creole chef - its light but darn tasty. Po Boys are good too - the snapper one I had was excellent. Personally I think the Gumbo pot has weak bread and the gumbo is a little boring.

          1. I tried it myself last night and it was yummy. I tried the Zeek and the shrimp & oyster (Bayou?) po'boys and they were both dee-lish. We also had the jambalaya (just okay) and the crawfish etouffe (hubby loved it). I loved that they try to do things a little healthier (no beef or pork). But the taste is still there!

            1. Considering that Cajun/Louisiana places ar few and far between in the Westside, we are lucky to have Uncle Darrows in MdR. I've never been to the Big Easy, but a work associate is from there, and told me that he had heard that UD was a good place to get that kind of food from back home, considering that back home is like a world away. We went together for lunch a few of years back and while I thought the prices were reasonable for a meal, he was shocked at the prices - compared to New Orleans of course. However, after ordering a couple of oyster Po' boys, the etouffe, and some jambalaya, I wasn't amazed with the food but liked it as well, and aside from the humidity, funk and raucousness of his old neighborhood, he felt for a moment that he was back home again.