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Mar 10, 2011 10:31 AM

Le Timbre or Le Reminet?

Hello. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about these two restaurants? I have reservations at both and am trying to decide between the two. Thank you.

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  1. ...i've been to Le Timbre once for dinner, and to Le Reminet twice for lunch...

    Le Reminet is a charming looks a bit dark and heavy from the outside, but the owner is gracious and welcoming, and the lunch deal is fantastic: maybe the best food quality for price i've had for lunch in Paris...i've heard that dinner is pricier...but i'd assume the food will be at least as good...vibe is cozy, romantic, dark, candlelit...

    Le Timbre was a mixed was excellent: remember having a delicious fresh orange soup for dessert...and a great reasonably priced bottle of red S.France...but what i remember even more was just how annoyingly/comically cramped the place get in on the banquet side, you have to have them move the entire table are literally a few inches from the person next to you...(and note: i am from NYC and am used to cramped restaurants)...i also found the chef/owner and the one waitress both to be cold/ as good as the food was, i doubt i'll ever return, unless i knew it was going to half empty and we'd have some breathing room...but if you want to try it, go for it: just know the cramped issue in advance so you're prepared...

    and if this is an intimate dinner, i'd definitely say go to Le Reminet, as it's impossible to have a private conversation at Le Timbre given the tight seating...

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      Thanks, Simon! Le Reminet definitely sounds more appealing. I'll report back on my experience.

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        Re Le Timbre/ "i also found the chef/owner and the one waitress both to be cold/ as good as the food was, i doubt i'll ever return." Our service experience at the end of a crowded lunch was the opposite: We showed up without a res at about 13:30 on a Friday; the extremely busy owner/chef left his tiny kitchen station and came out to the sidewalk to hand us gratis glasses of a crisp white wine and thank is "for our patience" -- even though we'd waited only 5 minutes. The food was excellent, and the close tables are just part of the tiny place; it's not called Le Timbre for nothing. We also enjoyed watching and hearing the friendly rapport with local diners. We will return for dinner. -- Jake

        1. re: Jake Dear

          my experiences there mirror yours. cramped as hell - you bet. food, service and attitude - top notch. on my rotation.