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Ideas? Repurposing Pot Roast!

I cooked a ginormous pot roast a couple days ago. We ate it, had left overs, but STILL have a HUGE amount left. There will be a full scale rebellion if I try for day three of pot roast. My problem is that I am in one of those ruts where you cannot think of anything interesting to cook. So HELP! Anyone have ideas on what to do with it? I was thinking maybe scraping off the gravy and making hash. But that is all I could come up with! Certainly you clever folkies can help!

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  1. Just finished a huge pot of Ropas Viejos with a chimichurri sauce. I always do the beef in the crockpot first 'cause it's much more tender that way, so don't see why you couldn't use your leftover roast, too.

    I just repurposed yesterday's orange chipotle chicken--was way too mild for us, so figured that base flavor would also work with barbeque flavors, so made sauce & poured over the pulled chicken bits. Sort of like re-cycling, but recycled food sounds gross!

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      The Cuban dish is "Ropa Vieja." Ropa is already plural and means clothing, vieja is feminine version of the word meaning old.

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        Thanks for the correction. High school Spanish was many a decade ago.

    2. You can scrape off the gravy and use the beef for home-made nachos. Or make some beef barley veggie soup, use beef broth and chop the pot roast into the soup once the veggies cook. You could make BBQ sauce and heat the beef in that for sandwiches.

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        BBQ! You should have seen my husband's face light up over that.

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          BBQ on good quality hoagie buns ... outa site

        2. We usually thin-slice leftover pot roast to make hot beef sandwiches/ french dip / beef on weck or whatever they call it in your neck of the woods.

          1. Because a lot of ground meat gives me the creeps, I've always used shredded roast in place of ground beef in Mexican/Tex-Mex dishes and also in chili.

            Of course, you will need to find a way to get off that gravy. :-)

            1. Scrape off the gravy, but freeze it as the base of a soup.

              Shred up the meat. Saute onions, garlic and peppers, season with oregano, cumin, ancho chili powder. Throw in some crushed tomatoes, Add in the shredded beef, let simmer, throw in some raisins and olives if you want to make "picadillo-style". Use as taco or empanada filling, or serve over rice.

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                4Snisl, thanx so much for the first line of your response: "Scrape off the gravy, but freeze it as the base of a soup." I was going to post the question of what to do with 2 bags of frozen pot roast gravy and whether I could somehow use it as the base for a new pot roast. We always clean up the meat quickly but I'm left with fabulous gravy with veggies, red wine, garlic, etc., and never know what to do with it. Soup base - killer idea and I never thought of it!!

              2. Consider cutting the meat into bite sizes, freeze the whole shegang, then when your family's ready to face it again, transform it into meat pie. Add additional cream/herbs/veggies as needed.

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                  I think I am going to BBQ sauce some and put the rest in the freezer. I never consider putting cooked meat in the freezer. I don't know why because I do it at Thanksgiving and Easter, but not with every day meals. Thank you for the reminder!

                2. It's well on its way to a Bolognese-like ragu.

                  1. sliced thin for french dip or, my personal favorite, roast beef hash. Dice it up with some parboiled potatoes and onion and seasoning and fry in a little butter/oil .

                    1. i'm with nvcook. that roast beef hash is so nostalgic for me. my mom would make it in her cast iron skillet, and i think she added a little bit of ketchup while the hash was cooking together.

                      1. I like to do a really rustic pasta with sauteed mushrooms, shallots, greens, lotsa garlic, and the shredded meat. Use some of the braising sauce for the pasta sauce, if you have any, thinned with broth and wine. Maybe diced tomatoes if you want. Top with garlic breadcrumbs for crunch.

                        1. Just picked up a rump roast on sale for the crockpot tomorrow - these ideas are wonderfully timely for me.

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                            I always turn mine into Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches. Now that it's cooler out, I think it's time to do that again.

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                              What does that look like? Inquiring West Coasters would like to know! :)

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                                kind of a shredded beef au jus (that's not a great description, but it gives you an idea)

                                And oh yes, good stuff...

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                                  A simple way to make Italian beef is to reheat the pot roast with some pepperoncini, some of the vinegar from the jar, a good shake of oregano and garlic powder, then throw in some green pepper slices. The green pepper is not served crunchy in this dish - let it get soft. Shred or slice the beef.
                                  My favorite way to eat Italian beef is with mozzarella. Some people like hot giardiniera on it.
                                  Serve it on a hoagie roll. Traditionally it is served 'dipped', which is dunking the whole sandwich in the liquid before serving.
                                  There are quite a few 'authentic' Italian beef recipes out there. I use a recipe that a friend's mom gave me 30+ years ago, when I lived in the Chicago area. I can dig around my recipe box and post it later, if anyone is interested.

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                                    I know this was a year ago, but would LOVE the chicago-style Italian beef recipie...

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                                      Just happened to click on CH, and there you were, so here's the recipe, as written by my friend's mom about 1980:

                                      Italian Beef

                                      Cook large pot roast, shred or slice thin.
                                      2 medium chopped onions
                                      2 garlic cloves
                                      2 chopped canned pepperoncini
                                      1 Tbs Italian herbs (mixture of marjoram, oregano, basil, thyme, sage)
                                      1 beef boullion cube (or 1 T. instant)
                                      1 Tbs Kitchen Bouquet
                                      1 cup water or beer
                                      Salt to taste
                                      Add beef and heat through

                                      I don't use the Kitchen Bouquet. I don't know if I have ever had it.I add some of the vinegar from the jar and several more pepperoncinis. She didn't specify anything about cooking the pot roast, but I just cook a large chuck roast in the crockpot with some beef soup base and chopped onions first.
                                      Serve as I suggested above, with sliced bell peppers cooked soft in the juices.

                            2. Beef pot pie or Enchiladas

                              1. Thicken the gravy...Make Roast Beef Po-Boys...Fry Some French Fries or serve chips....

                                Have Fun!

                                1. carnitas burrito like chipotle or pulled pork sandwhiches

                                  1. My Mom's Famous Meat Spread (made with any leftover roast)

                                    Cut meat into cubes (a little clinging gravy is okay, and place in food processor.
                                    Add some roughly chopped onion and process until pretty finely chopped.
                                    Add: mayo, mustard, sweet pickle relish, and salt. Process until nearly smooth.
                                    Add more mayo/mustard if the spread seems too dry.

                                    1. Taquitos! Chop up some meat finely and add cheese.

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                                          That reminds me! A local dive makes a killer pot roast sandwich with cream cheese, monterey jack, alfalfa sprouts and pot roast on focaccia.
                                          It is to die for.

                                        2. combine w/refried black beans & cheese (and condiments of your choice) and wrap in a flour tortilla for burritos

                                          use a crisp corn tortilla spread w/refried black beans & shredded meat and cheese and condiments, lettuce, sour cream etc. for tostadas

                                          same for tacos. Use a hard shell taco and spread some beans on a same sized flour tortilla, insert the hard shell taco w/meat and lettuce, etc. into flour tortilla for a double decker.

                                          1. chop up some of the meat with blanched spinach, a little nutmeg, and some ricotta, and use it for ravioli stuffing. Maybe use some of the gravy as a sauce.

                                            1. You could spray paint it with gold spray paint, coat it in polyurethane, and use it as a paperweight.

                                              1. chop up meat into medium dice, same with some potatotes and onion. Saute, mix in a simple curry sauce. I'd probably throw in a finely chopped jalapeno. Heat and serve. Chapati would be nice to soak up the sauce.

                                                Simple sauce: http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1955,...

                                                1. Curried beef pot pie. Cube up the cooked roast, add a healthy dose of curry powder to the gravy as it's warming up in a sauce pan. Also add a good dollop or 3 of Trader Joe's mango chutney. I usually have veggies in with my roast so don't add additional carrots, onions or potatoes, but you could add some raw veggies in (diced small) too, if you wish. When the meat/veggies and revamped broth are nice and hot, flavored to taste, I put into oven proof bowls and top with rounds of puff pastry. Brush with egg wash and bake according to puff pastry directions. Usually 400 degrees for 15 or 20 mins or so. It's a total transformation of leftover roast, and goes over well with my non-leftover lovers.

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                                                    This was amazing! Thank you for the delicious suggestion.

                                                  2. My leftover pot roast this evening had been done in my pressure cooker and produced a fabulous broth. I scooped off the little bit of fat that had solidified on top in the fridge (this was from a happily raised cow) and used that to saute an onion and some mushrooms. Then I added a bunch of arborio rice, stirred that a bit, some white wine for good measure, then added that wonderful broth. The risotto that resulted was just killer - packed with all the flavors that had gone into the roast. The rest of the meat we shredded and served on top of the risotto in deep bowls. It didn't rework the flavor of the roast, but put it in a different form that we very much enjoyed on the third night.

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                                                    1. 1)Leftover beef potroast or beef stew is easily converted into a meat pie. You can use Crescent Roll dough for the top crust and augment any leftover gravy with a can of beef gravy. If you don't have leftover vegetables add boiled potatoes or little frozen onions or frozen peas/carrots or all of the above. 2) I concur with all the BBQ suggestions. Or just shred the meat, mix it with BBQ sauce, and freeze it for a future occasion.

                                                      1. Sal

                                                        divide roast into amounts that work for your family, label LABEL w/size (could be by portions, cups, oz-lb. whatever works for you) . Your memory will fail so label.

                                                        write on a index card w/one of the good ideas from this thread. Wrap the meat well in clinging stuff. Freeze: then stick in a freezer quality zip bag. Press out air and tuck the card - use ballpoint or waterproof pen - inside the bag so you can see easily. Add freeze date. I usually do not add other seasonings before freezing, just put pot roast on the card, amount and date. That way I can go in any direction.

                                                        Me? shred beef, add to a skillet with sliced onions. whole cumin seed, chilis, tomatillo. Add a little stock, simmer on low. Make fresh tortillas. Serve with fresh avocado, thin-sliced radish and cabbage pickled briefly. chilled melon on the side. Really cold beer and Blenheim gingerale and rum.
                                                        happy people.

                                                        1. Vaca Frita is delicious served over rice