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Mar 10, 2011 10:13 AM

Ideas? Repurposing Pot Roast!

I cooked a ginormous pot roast a couple days ago. We ate it, had left overs, but STILL have a HUGE amount left. There will be a full scale rebellion if I try for day three of pot roast. My problem is that I am in one of those ruts where you cannot think of anything interesting to cook. So HELP! Anyone have ideas on what to do with it? I was thinking maybe scraping off the gravy and making hash. But that is all I could come up with! Certainly you clever folkies can help!

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  1. Just finished a huge pot of Ropas Viejos with a chimichurri sauce. I always do the beef in the crockpot first 'cause it's much more tender that way, so don't see why you couldn't use your leftover roast, too.

    I just repurposed yesterday's orange chipotle chicken--was way too mild for us, so figured that base flavor would also work with barbeque flavors, so made sauce & poured over the pulled chicken bits. Sort of like re-cycling, but recycled food sounds gross!

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      The Cuban dish is "Ropa Vieja." Ropa is already plural and means clothing, vieja is feminine version of the word meaning old.

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        Thanks for the correction. High school Spanish was many a decade ago.

    2. You can scrape off the gravy and use the beef for home-made nachos. Or make some beef barley veggie soup, use beef broth and chop the pot roast into the soup once the veggies cook. You could make BBQ sauce and heat the beef in that for sandwiches.

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        BBQ! You should have seen my husband's face light up over that.

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          BBQ on good quality hoagie buns ... outa site

        2. We usually thin-slice leftover pot roast to make hot beef sandwiches/ french dip / beef on weck or whatever they call it in your neck of the woods.

          1. Because a lot of ground meat gives me the creeps, I've always used shredded roast in place of ground beef in Mexican/Tex-Mex dishes and also in chili.

            Of course, you will need to find a way to get off that gravy. :-)

            1. Scrape off the gravy, but freeze it as the base of a soup.

              Shred up the meat. Saute onions, garlic and peppers, season with oregano, cumin, ancho chili powder. Throw in some crushed tomatoes, Add in the shredded beef, let simmer, throw in some raisins and olives if you want to make "picadillo-style". Use as taco or empanada filling, or serve over rice.

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                4Snisl, thanx so much for the first line of your response: "Scrape off the gravy, but freeze it as the base of a soup." I was going to post the question of what to do with 2 bags of frozen pot roast gravy and whether I could somehow use it as the base for a new pot roast. We always clean up the meat quickly but I'm left with fabulous gravy with veggies, red wine, garlic, etc., and never know what to do with it. Soup base - killer idea and I never thought of it!!