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Mar 10, 2011 09:43 AM

calgary restaurants ?

We will be in Calgary one night before flying home. (couple, mid 40s-east coast) and trying to decide where to eat. We will be staying at the Hyatt and it would be nice to be able to walk to dinner, if possible. The prior week we will be eating at Bison & Maple Leaf in Banff and Tekarra and Fiddle River in jasper.
Thinking of Rush, Brava,or Esoba. Prob not doing a tasting menu as I have a small appetite. Thanks!

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  1. Walking distance from the Hyatt... Catch, Divino, Trib, Murrieta's, Belvedere, Home Tasting Room, Blink, Charcut... I have had a great meal over the years at all of these places.

    FYI... you can walk to Brava but you are looking at about 20 minutes. It is an easy 5 minute cab ride though.

    Home Tasting Room
    110 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B3, CA

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      Charcut - but reserve early through opentable.

    2. For one dinner your main challenge will be to choose from among the many excellent spots that are steps from your hotel.

      I'd add Centini to DeeDub's superb list.

      Brava is great but it's a solid mile walk from your hotel. There are better options that are, I say again, mere steps away. Catch is practically in the Hyatt (it's right next door).

      The following morning I'd strongly recommend Caffe Rosso or DeVille for coffee- they're both less than a block from your hotel. Actually DeVille has two locations that are both less than a block away, one each at Art Central and Fashion Central.

      Have a great trip!

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        Thanks. I think Divino and link look especially good. Catch looks wonderful but seems really expensive. It will be our 5 dinner out in a row!

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          There is a great restaurant right in your hotel called Thomsen's. If you were thinking more of 'getting out' then at least stop by and check out their cozy, lodge inspired lounge for a drink. They also offer brunch.

      2. If I were staying at the Hyatt I'd wander over to Charcut. It has that casual elegance that would be welcomed (especially on the 5th meal out in a row). The charcuterie board would be a great choice if you didn't want a big dinner and it is really their specialty. The owners are from Sa Francisco and are very accommodating with tours of the facility if you enquire.

        I also really enjoy Centini. It has some beautiful plates and again that kind of casual elegance that is quite welcoming. All the pasta is house made daily.

        Rush is a personal favourite too but I find it less laid back than the other two. They do have some outstanding light and very "foodie worthy" desserts at Rush - consider sliding over to Rush for dessert and a drink in the lounge?

        If you like lamb, then the Trib is the place for you. If you call ahead they will carve a leg tableside very special.

        You could also add Belvedere to this list. They have been really putting out some fine food lately. We had an outstanding tasting there last month.

        As for Catch, I prefer to eat downstairs in the lounge. It has all the great fine seafood but very casual with the wood floors. The Oysters Rockefeller is my fave here. I had some really great service the last time we were in too.

        And finally, if your done with "fine dining" or have time for lunch the next day before you go, you can walk out the door and go across the street to the Palamino for some pulled pork mac and cheese which is one of Calgary's finer comfort food dishes available (NOT a fancy setting ... this is a bit of an understatement but the Mac and Cheese is really good).