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Is cooked avocado weird?

I'm at work, and I just microwaved a rice and spinach salad I made for lunch. There's a little bit of avocado in the salad, and I hesitated about heating the salad at all because of the avocado. I thought: "Cooked avocado. Weird." But am I wrong about that? I just did a Chow search for avocado recipes and found only one among many that actually calls for cooking avocado.

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  1. I've seen avocado in both a Mussaman style Thai curry and a Mexican style soup, but I'm pretty sure it was added to both just before serving. I think avocado in any dish that simmered or was stirred often would just break up and become mush.


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      I think avocado in any dish that simmered or was stirred often would just break up and become mush.

      right. but when heated and treated gently, it's actually pretty great.

      try grilling it sometime.

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        I'll do that but I'll admit my favorite treatment for an avocado is a little salt and a spoon.

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          i don't even need salt, just give me the spoon ;)

          but if you ever want to try something a little different:

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            And here's another really simple recipe for an avocado "smashwich" that uses nothing but toast, olive oil, a sprinkle of salt & pepper and a good 'ol avocado.

    2. Cooked avacado gets bitter

      1. Some avocado soups are brought to a boil, then served, but I've never known it to be actually "cooked" in a prepared dish.

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            As are panko-coated avocado fries. Scary good. I tried grilling avocado once and did not care for it. It didn't really taste grilled - just heated.

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              I agree on the grilled avocado - I just think they're warm and weird. Panko-coated fries, though - that sounds interesting. How do you make them?

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                I've never made them myself (I have a fear of deep frying), but this looks like what I've had in restaurants:


          2. The French do an avocado soup.

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              I've had avocado soup, though it wasn't really French. It was good, but my tastebuds didn't really recognize it as avocado because it was hot (even though it was green and creamy). Definitely tasty, though.

            2. I discovered grilled avocados by accident. I was doing some ham, cheese and avocado panini on my cast iron grill one day and some avocado slices slid out of the side of a sandwich and onto the grill. They took on nice char lines, and the flavor... WOW! It is sOOooOOOoOooo good! So now I grill avocados on purpose. Give it a try. It's really interesting how the grilling just magnifies the flavor. If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again, but I really love it.

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                <". . . now I grill avocados on purpose.">

                that gave me a chuckle Caroline! I love this idea though and will be sure to give it a try. Thank-you!

              2. If I was asked this question a few years ago I wouldn't of hesitated to say yes. However, since then I've been exposed to hot or warmed avoacado. Grilled its excellent, in a burrito or taco and warmed, wonderully creamy. In a hot bowl of black beans or even chili - so good. And one of my favorite sauces ever is avocado cream sauce (over a poached chicken breast) I find it decadent and rich. They're pretty wonderful at room temperature too!

                1. Not sure if I can call it cooking, but I do put it in a lot of dishes near the end, almost as a finisher, and cook it for under 5 minutes. That way the pieces are intact, but enough of it breaks apart so that it coats the other components of the dish.

                  1. One of my favorite things are avocado egg rolls--avocado gets nice and creamy. I also saute avocado and jalapenos in butter in a pan and them scramble eggs in it...heavenly.

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                      Oh I like the sound of avocado egg rolls sparkareno. Is there a favourite recipe you could point me to?

                    2. We used to have a restaurant in Austin, Las Manitas, that made wonderful enchiladas stuffed with poblanos and onions, cooked until the onions were translucent with avocado slices in them, heated just to hot but not enough to ruin the avocados, a little Cotija.... I miss the place. Also breakfast tacos with chunky home fried potatoes, avocado, and white cheese and nice, zippy salsa. But the avocados were just warm, not really cooked. I put them in panini, too, with left over pork roast and smoked Gouda.

                      When I make avocado soup it is cold and the avocados don't get cooked. Add a little garam masala.

                      1. Avocado is great on a pizza, with brie, shrimp, baby spinach, some fresh herbs and a little lemon zest.

                        1. Tempura avocado is pretty much irresistable.

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                            Oh boy, that sounds so decadent ipsedixit! I wish I had some right now!

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                              We used to make these and then top them with guacamole.

                              Talk about gilding the lily ...

                          2. In Seattle we have a restaurant that fries avocado coated with panko crumbs and then serves it warm covered with crab meat. One bite and you would think it was illegal.

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                              There's a mexican restaurant in Texas that fries avocado with panko, and then tops with bacon, cheese, and sour cream. Really delicious, though it does feel a bit sinful to eat!

                            2. In the situation you describe, I wouldn't hesitate, but I also wouldn't add it to a hot dish.

                              However, the idea of avocado tempura is extremely compelling!!!!