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Mar 10, 2011 09:24 AM

Chicago-style deep dish pizza

Is there anywhere in Manhattan to get a good, Chicago-style deep dish pie? I haven't come across much in my search so far....

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  1. your best bet would be to mail order malnatis.....


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      1. re: srsone

        Haha, that's what I've been doing. They are quite delicious, a bit expensive though. It's crazy to me that there's not a single Chicago-style pizza joint here. Someone needs to hop on that...

        1. re: JulesTei

          aint gonna happen...unless chicago wins a war and takes over new york

          new york has some very good pizza tho...have u tried the good ones?

          and im guessing your a chicago transplant?

          1. re: srsone

            I'm not! But I went to Chicago for the first time earlier this year and fell in love with it. I figured without a doubt that I could find some in NYC, but have been sorely disappointed.

            The main thing I like is how much CHEESE there is on their pies. So if there are other great NY pizza joints that load on the toppings, I guess that would satisfy too. For the record, my favorite is Di Fara, but I'm down with a good gooey slice of Ray's or the truffle pie from Keste. Yum.

            1. re: JulesTei

              it is good yes..and so is new york style..and new haven style..
              but in new york and vice versa in chicago your not going to have much luck either way...
              theres a reason why its pizza

              1. re: JulesTei

                You might have some luck looking for "pizza gain" around Easter time. It's a stuffed pie that bears a passing resemblance to deep dish. Other than that, you're on the wrong side of the pizza wars to get your fix.

                1. re: JungMann

                  Don't think so. Unless there's a tomato version up in New Haven, "a pizza gain" (form "pizza chiena or piena [stuffed-full]') is the Neapolitan casatiello, or thick cheese and salumi double crust pie, sold in NY Italian delis and bakeries at holiday time. Uno is really the only easy source for Chicago deep-dish; there's a number of them in Manhattan. Having lived in Chicago for 6 years (and loved it), I could never ever understand the pleasures of this dish, or its even more awful thin-crust cousin. But 3 million Chicagoans can't be all wrong.

                  1. re: bob96

                    but the other 304 million of us who eat the normal kind of pizza arent either.....

                    1. re: srsone

                      Agree--it still amazes me how hard it was to find even a pale copy of a NY slice in Chicago. On the other hand, try finding a Chicago hot dog in NY, and I don't mean @ Shake Shack.. I guess it all balances out.

        2. I think your best bet would be to find a recipe and try to make your own. mmmmm Malnati's. We are VERY protective of our "normal sized" crust here.

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          1. re: secondbecky

            How about Uno Chicago Grill in UWS? Is the deep dish pizza not any good? Never been.

            1. re: Riverman500

              I don't think Uno's is that bad, but it's more of a place to satisfy a desperate craving than a place for actually good deep dish.

          2. There's a place down in the FiDi by my office, I'll try to check it out and report back next week.