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Mar 10, 2011 09:22 AM

Me and the wife for lunch tomorrow. Where?

It's been a while. No kids. No price limit. Any cuisine is fine.

Where should we go?

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    1. Where indeed . It will depend where you are.
      I know this little place in Florence...

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      1. re: felix the hound

        Florence, nah, there is this little 3 star restaurant in Beaune, actually, any restaurant in Beaune is good... ah memories...

        1. re: Shazam

          Charcut has really good food, but if you are looking for something more romantic you should try Rouge in Inglewood. I also like Blink on 8th ave downtown the food is good and so is the atmosphere.

          1. I would do Bonterra even though you said price ain't an issue. Right now in Calgary we have "Big Taste" in which restos offer 3 course meals for a good deal. At bonterra you will get a nice salad, wild board linguine (Superb dish) and dessert for $15. They have long lunch hours too.
            Report back let us know what you enjoyed.