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Me and the wife for lunch tomorrow. Where?

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It's been a while. No kids. No price limit. Any cuisine is fine.

Where should we go?

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    1. Where indeed . It will depend where you are.
      I know this little place in Florence...

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        Florence, nah, there is this little 3 star restaurant in Beaune, actually, any restaurant in Beaune is good... ah memories...

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          Charcut has really good food, but if you are looking for something more romantic you should try Rouge in Inglewood. I also like Blink on 8th ave downtown the food is good and so is the atmosphere.

          1. I would do Bonterra even though you said price ain't an issue. Right now in Calgary we have "Big Taste" in which restos offer 3 course meals for a good deal. At bonterra you will get a nice salad, wild board linguine (Superb dish) and dessert for $15. They have long lunch hours too.
            Report back let us know what you enjoyed.

            1. Thanks everybody, made reservations at Notable. I'll report back!

              1. Ok, NOtaBLE review...

                First off, get reservations! It's super busy, even for lunch. The place was completely packed - not an empty chair in the place when we arrived at 12:45pm.

                Second, they have underground parking. We parked on the street but it's nice to know.


                I ordered the flatiron steak - medium rare. Flavour was fantastic. It was a tad on the rare side, but that's okay with me, since most places overcook. Side potatoes were good. Salad was good except cherry tomatoes were completely flavourless. Such are the perils of March :) Portion size was great. As a comparison I went to Chop a couple of weeks ago and NOtaBLE's steak was way better.

                Wife ordered seafood chowder as a meal. She really enjoyed it. Included scones were great.

                For dessert, had the sea salt chocolate cake. Fantastic. Absolutely the best dessert I've had in eons, far outpacing the chocolate dessert I had at the Calgary Tower (and I thought that was great too!)

                Only nits were there was a hair in the salt dish on the table. Service was fine, except we didn't get our water right away. Even though the place was a full house I thought the speed of service was acceptable.

                8/10. Hair in salt takes off 1 point.

                Well worth going to.