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Mar 10, 2011 08:51 AM

Burgers Beer and Breakfast - South Beach / Miami

I am visiting Miami for a couple of nights at the start of April and am keen to get in some good eating done while there. Coming form the UK I am keen to make the most of the burger joints and 'classic' diners (in my head that is good breakfasts, chocolate malts with metal cup with leftovers etc etc) and possibly pick up on some of the influence of Cuba

having scoured over the boards my current thoughts for Burgers are

Burger n Beer Joint
8oz Burger
Michaels Genuine

As far as Diners go then one that caught my eye was 11th street diner, are there better?

I am hoping to stay in South Beach and do not have access to a car, but am willing to travel to eat, so any top tips would be much appreciated

As for the cuban influence is there anywhere in particualr I should be eating? Just after a very good pork sandwich!

On a side, is it better to stay in SoBe and travel around for eating or stay in more downtown and just visit SoBe when required? Am bascially visiting for the eating and a bit of the art deco.

Thanks for any help, will hopefully be able to write up on my return from the following on trip to Grand Cayman

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  1. If you are here for the food, you should stay near the design district which is the best food area in miami. South beach has some very good places though.

    I will give specific recommendations, once you decide where you are staying.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Thanks tpigeon. I think it unlikely that will sort out where I am staying until last minute (trying to bag a bargain if posisble), am more than happy to walk (if easy to do/possible) or get taxi/bus for good eating if the food/drink is worth it, but for ease I will say that we'll likely end up in South Beach

      South Beach Cafe
      121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

      1. re: stanleyk

        if you are stayin in south beach, you should go to
        shake shack and burger & beer

        the best cuban in miami beach is puerto sagua

        We have no amazing diners. 11th st is fine.

        you should check out my other recent posts for other south beach recommendations

        1. re: tpigeon

          Awesome thanks, all the recs look great, now all I need is somewhere to stay!

    2. The Thunder Road burger @ B&BJ is one of my favorite burgers of all time. Shake Shack is pretty good. I also really like the burger @ Michael's Genuine and the kobe mini-burgers @ Meat Market. Three of those places (B&BJ, MM, SS) are within walking distance of one another (B&BJ is the furthest out - about a 15 minute walk from Lincoln Road where SS & MM are). Michaels is across the bay in the Design District. Michael's also has a kickass Sunday brunch but you wont have the diner atmosphere there.

      Meat Market
      915 Lincoln road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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      1. re: Blind Mind

        Thanks to all who fedback, really appreciate the input. My current plan of action is;

        Saturday evening (arrival) -
        Sunday - Brunch at Michaels Genuine, Dinner at Burger n Beer Joint
        Monday - Breakfast at 11th st diner, Dinner at Bernies
        Tuesday - Lunch at 8oz, then fly out

        Anything I have missed? No doubt wil try Shake Shack for someting in between one of our two meals a day, was hoping to make 8oz for their happy hour, but not sure that'll work out now having written down all I want to do, unless I try for Bernies on the Saturday of arrival

        1. re: stanleyk

          shake shack is far superior to 8oz.

          1. re: tpigeon

            Noted. Thanks, in which case it looks like a potential swap to shake shack for lunch on the tuesday, think 8oz wwas on there in terms of the beer selection and temptation of half price draught during happy hour, happy to be persuaded otherwise re the food, will try and allow enough time between finishing there and taking off

            1. re: stanleyk

              Does anyone have an email contact for Michaels Genuine? Was hoping to try and change my brunch reservation for earlier in the day but couldn't see any obvious way to contact them on their website


                1. re: tpigeon

                  I don't have a landline (mobile/cell) only and uk to them on that may be a bit pricey, no worries if I can't change it, just trying to leave optimum time between there and the next feed.

                  On a side note, am also looking for good drinking, any top tips? Form a quick Google the likes of The Room, Deuce and a Abbey came up in terms of 'dive' bar, I don't think we have anything very similar over here so keen to try something akin to them

                  1. re: stanleyk

                    My thoughts on the eating and drinking I partook in while in Miami

                    Burger and Beer Joint - Possibly the greatest invention in the entire world is a place that serves this good a burger, sides and beer selection, wow! Loved it, so much so went twice (once a specific journey back from airport while on stopover for it) if only the UK did something like this, I would be a happy man. Absolutely loved the burgers, the sides were incredible mac cheese with truffle oil and duck fat ships with chipotle ketchup standing out, and the beer was fantastic. I returned from Australia in awe of their beers and singing their praises to the naysayers in the uk, I am now doing the same with US micros, amazing!

                    Speaking of which, Abbey brewery. What a fantastic little place that was, Ray was great on my second visit, had a chat, talked beer and wine and generally shot the proverbial. Loved their IPA and stout, the option of having Brooklyn beer from a tap is a delight and the old feather flighted darts just finished it off.

                    Michael's was a very good brunch, possibly not the cheapest (and the coffee is pretty bad, as expected in Miami, sorry!) but certainly a great spot for people watching and trying the local produce. highlights here were the beer (again) the kimchee pork belly and the doughnuts.

                    Bernies was very cute, much smaller than I expected, and more fast foody too, but the food was very good and did what it needed to, soaked up some of that Abbey stout from the night before!

                    I enjoyed shake shack, maybe expecting a bit too much, and was first stop after a very long flight, also think that BnBJ eclipsed it in my memory somewhat, very tasty maltedd shake though.

                    Finally, and on aslightly bum note, 11th st diner was a disappointment, didn't quite deliver what I was hoping for, but then you can't win them all.

                    All in all I loved Miami (South Beach really) and would definitely venture back, if BnBJ is no longer open though, for whatever reason, I may have to reconsider

                    1. re: stanleyk

                      BnB NOW HAS 2 JOINTS 1 IN BRICKELL AREA.

                      ABBEY ROX!


                      BFST=FRONT PORCH