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Mar 10, 2011 08:43 AM

Nina deli and pasta

I was wondering if anyone has eaten here? Is it good?


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  1. I tried it once, I wasn't crazy about their tomato sauce it had a strange aftertaste.

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    1. re: ios94

      I been going there for many years.Really great pasta and sauce
      Everything is homemade

    2. The one on St charles? It was one of the few places I kind of liked in the west when I lived there, mainly because it was homemade and super cheap. But then Nina went partners or something with some guy and he ruined the place by not letting you get half portions. I used to eat there for 5$ for a huge bowl! Havent been in about 2 years so not sure how it is anymore.

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      1. re: jay_81k

        Nina has no partners. That her son in law you see there,Marco

        1. re: fredmir

          No this guy was like 45-50 years old. Seemed like it was also her lover. ;)

          1. re: jay_81k

            that her ex bf now, no business partners