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Mar 10, 2011 08:01 AM

Cozy Coffee House - West Hartford Area

Have been living Connecticut for almost a year now and have not found a cozy coffee house... Have company coming in this weekend and would love to find one before she gets here. Hoping there is one around West Hartford? Maybe with yummy desserts and comfy couches?

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  1. The closest place I'd not feel bad about suggesting is Caffeine's in Unionville.

    You might hear a mention of Tisane in Hartford, but avoid it like the plague. Horrible service, crummy parking, and sky high prices.

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      I would not send my worst enemy to Caffeines. I LOVE coffee houses and tried Caffeines. Most DDs have more going for it. No atmosphere, uncomfortable booths and just OK coffee.

      We had lunch there also. What a nightmare! Tuna Melt on bread NOT toasted and cheese right out of the refrig. Wife ordered the burger of the day, told no longer have a burger of the day but will make a burger for you.

      We live one town over from Unionville and would love a good coffeehouse near us, however this is not the place.

    2. If COSI is still open in W. Hartford Center, that place is sort of cozy. Sadly we live in a world where a Starbucks that has a fireplace in it (Avon for example) is what we think of as cozy. Not enough non-chainy places like that around here.

      1. I will look into those... I moved here from Charleston, SC and we had great little coffee shops downtown. My fav was in a tiny old pre-war building with exposed brick and giant sofas to relax on while you drank great coffee and amazing homemade desserts. Hoping I can find its twin or at least a close cousin in CT somewhere.

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        1. I've lived in WHtfd for 15 years and haven't found a comfy neighborhood type coffee house yet, Le Petite Bakery has good coffee but uncomfortable seating and the atmosphere is lacking, the new Sofias has ok coffee but lacking in atmosphere also. I agree, I wish someone would open a place with good music, comfy seating, communal tables, a warm friendly atmosphere, and of course great coffee and simple food...the kind of place I've found in countless other places... I believe this area would support it. Starbucks & Cosi have their place but I'd love something local too.