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Mar 10, 2011 07:56 AM

Hilton Head/ Savannah area

My family and I will be traveling around Labor Day this year to Hilton Head for one week. I know there are many reviews on this area already but it has been stated that many places come and go in this area and I found very few reviews that are less than a year old. For example many recommended Roastfish and Cornbread but the website no longer works so I wonder if this place is still open? It sounds wonderful. We are looking for moderately priced non-chain places in Hilton Head and/or Savannah. We are especially interested in places specializing in low country cooking but we are very adventurous eaters. Oh, and we will be dining with a 2 year old. Thanks.

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  1. Does anyone know if "Roastfish and Cornbread" is still open or not?

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      The website is still up and it was reviewed on TA 3/26. So unless it closed this week, it's open.

    2. The "dinner impossible" owns it and is often there at the bar when he is in town. I was a trooper on HHI for years and really good can be hard to come by there.

      To me EAT! is great food and maybe the best place to eat in Beaufort county.

      Village At Wexford Ste Ste B-6, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

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        What about Skullcreek Boathouse.......JB.

        Skullcreek Boathouse @ 397 Squire Pope Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC 843 - 681 - 3663.

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          Skullcreek Boathouse looks great!

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            Better atmosphere and view than food at Boathouse.

        2. Thank you so much everyone! I will check out Eat! and Skullcreek Boathouse as well. I see now that Roastfish and Cornbread's website is back up. Good to know they are still around. Again, thanks everyone!

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            RF &CB is still around and 1 of the better restaurants on HHI..both quality and value. I was there 2 weeks ago. Any of the fish specials are great. I go with the hand written fresh catch which is usually about 3 different fish, crab cakes, shrimp gumbo and pot roast.

            A bit of advice. They can get very busy; especially on weekends. We got there about 7:30(I know, wrong time to go, but there were extenuating circumstances) Another couple got there at 8:20 and were told 10 mins. They were seated a few mins after us..:) Go early or late.