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Mar 10, 2011 07:23 AM

Market: A Restaurant Week HomeRun

We had a remarkably satisfying restaurant week dinner at Market. We tried all three appetizers: i tuna ceviche, a lovely arugula salad with manchego cheese and radishes, and a delicious butternut squash soup with outstanding mushrooms and herbs. The mains included slow-cooked salmon in a sweet and sour carrot broth, with salsify, and a yummy parmesan encrusted organic chicken, also with salsify (the third was a soy-glazed short ribs which we didn't try). Deserts included a creme fraiche cheesecake with tangerine sorbet and a warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Both were excellent. There was a small but viable restaurant week wine list, at 33.11 a bottle, and service was excellent, and there was nothing stingy about the meal or the service. We're definitely going back to roam around the rest of the menu. That's what restaurant week can do so well: try someplace new and discover you want to go back even at the higher cost of the regular menu.

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  1. I had to cancel my res there. Too bad.

    1. Although I enjoyed the people-watching -- some semblance of style has come even to delightfully dowdy Boston -- my RW lunch was distinctly less Chow-ish. The butternut squash soup was, indeed, delightful (the secret: cream), although although a mozzarella, tomato, and basil pizza needed to be crispier, and lacked any real strong signature flavors. The shrimp in the shrimp salad (four of them) were pillowy and crunchy all at once, although the salad greens clearly came from a mix; I expected more. And the salmon with vegetables, the osrt of food affluent folks eat effortlessly the world over, had a weirdly sweet sauce. The chocolate pudding went down easy; the sundae with caramelized popcorn didn't quite come together, and struck me as an aggressive crowd-pleaser.

      So I'm glad I've seen the scene, but I can't say I'll return for the food.