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Mar 10, 2011 07:18 AM

bartaco experience

Looking to go in the next few days and I have a few questions? I here that they serve 3 sauces with food order can someone describe each flavor and heat? Can you order chips on the side to further enjoy enjoy the sauces? I hear the drinks are great could someone give me a price range? Also, how big are their glasses? Do the make frozen drinks? Thanks!

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    1. re: wincountrygirl

      Next to Willett House in Port Chester (along the water near Costco, in the spot where Ebb Tide used to be).

    2. the tacos are pretty good, not the kind of tacos you get in east LA, but not bad. There was one sauce that was hotter than the rest. Their "chips" are a large deep fried tortilla that you break off yourself.

      Drinks were pricey, but tasted really good, and not entirely strong. I would suggest the "tasting plate" of tacos prepared chef's choice. Two of us walked out, sharing dessert and two margaritas for about $75 bucks -- not bad, but a little pricey for Mexican.

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        Winston, just curious would you say the same thing about cost after dining at one of Rick Bayless' Mexican places in Chicago? We had a heated discussion with some friends about this the other night. If someone opens a taco stand that hand makes everything and sources all the ingerdients locally & organically (etc) as much as a "fancy full service" establishment would you not pay more for that? Or because its a taco stand should it be cheap?

        The margaritas by the way were really weak the 2 times we have been as well and for the price they should have been a bit more punch (but the lime juice was hand squeeezed)!

      2. One is a verde. No heat. One is a chipotle. Surprisingly also no heat but very smoky. Last one is straight up habanero. Tantalizing heat and vinegary tang and I actually blended some into the others to give them each a little bite as well.

        Do not miss the veal cheek taco if you're not a vegetarian. If you dig fish the baja fish was pretty good but plain tasting fish. The snapper had more flavor but if you're averse to fishy flavors then stay away.

        If you order chips and guac the chips are large enough to share and dip in the sauces.

        1. really wanted to like this place as it is a nice place to hang out, drink and eat but i (only went once) tried several tacos and they were cooked and looked nice (though quite small). they did not have much flavor as in seasoning,t he only flavors that came thru were from the 3 mediocre sauces. will stick to the "more authentic" los gemellos or kiosk but certainly worth trying