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Mar 10, 2011 06:29 AM

Boerum Hill

Going to visit Boerum Hill for the first time this weekend with a good friend. What's the best brunch spot? Some place charming and cozy. Also, what are good neighborhood afternoon activities to do?

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  1. Building on bond at corner of Bond and Pacific does a good brunch. Boutiques and antiques on Atlantic between Smith and Bond. Get a baked good at Betty Bakery on Atlantic between Bond and Nevins.

    Betty Bakery
    448 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    1. try the pancita at fast and fresh deli on hoyt

      Fast and Fresh Deli
      84 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. Fast and Fresh deli is NOT cozy. It is a great chowhoundy find, but not the Boerum Hill experience. the jewelery/clothes/linens shop next door is terrific if you are a lady, or shopping for one.
        I second the vote for Building on Bond. It's good for a coffee stop too.
        Rothchild's on Atlantic is also sweet.
        Mile End is cozy and delightful, but there is a wait if you show up after 10. Get the hash. Actually, get anything -- the food is amazing.
        If you visit on Sunday, there is an indoor farmers market on Atlantic.

        Building on Bond
        112 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

        Mile End
        97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

        411 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217