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Mar 10, 2011 06:06 AM

Suggestions for private room seating about 30 guests?

I'm planning my boyfriend's 30th birthday party which is next week on Friday. I sent out an invite and now the guest list has grown much larger than expected. I'm looking for a place either in DC or Baltimore (doesn't matter) than can fit about 30 people in a private room.

Each person will be covering their own bill so I'm trying to avoid reserving a room that charges a fee. But I can bend a little on this as well.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/advice!

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  1. I've done work events in a private room at Acadiana and it was quite nice. Not sure how the payment would work out, but it might be worth a call. They have done three-course meals for me, with several choices per course, for a set price. That might make payment easy.

    901 New York Ave NW Ste 200A, Washington, DC 20001

    1. No idea if they charge a fee but a few places to consider are Bistro D'Oc (they can fit you upstairs), Darlington House (again they have a great room upstairs), Acadiana, Firefly (double check on the size of their private room) or Central.

      Bistro D'Oc
      518 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

      Darlington House
      Washington, DC, Washington, DC

      901 New York Ave NW Ste 200A, Washington, DC 20001

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        Firefly's private room holds about 22 people, but they will close off the lounge area for a larger group. That is what they are doing for our rehearsal dinner of 32 people.
        ETA: There is a minimum for the space, though.

      2. I would say that a lot of private rooms don't charge a fee, but have a minimum amount you have to spend. The minimum is higher on fridays and saturdays. When I planned my small rehearsal dinner (24 or so) the typical minimum was about $3000 - plus tax and tip. About $100 pp. I had a great experience at Equinox in DC but that was a couple years ago they have a nice front room that is split from the rest of the restaurant by a heavy curtain. Also, BLT has a nice private room, but I think it tops out at 24 people. I remember looking at Dino that has a couple sections that can be reserved.

        Good luck!

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        1. re: erinnf

          Dino does have a good space.

          But, a week out, 30 people on a Friday night? Start calling now - I doubt any of the places mentioned have a hole this big on their books.

          BTW - when you say each person covering their bill - if you suggest to the restaurant that you will need 30 separate checks, they will hang up on you. Most will probably require a set meal for that many covers.

        2. Smith & Wollensky on 19th St. NW has an upstairs private room that would accommodate you. Great food, wine and desserts.

          Smith & Wollensky
          1112 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036