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Mar 10, 2011 05:17 AM

Looking for a fun bar on St. Patrick's Day

I'm looking for a lively bar to go to for St. Patrick's Day - any suggestions?

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  1. It's been many years since I went into the city for St. Patty's but if things are anything like they used to be pretty much every Irish themed bar is lively from opening to close - packed to the gills would be a more apt description. If you want to sit and don't like waiting in line go early - before lunch starts. Also, don't expect anything beyond hastily poured beer in a plastic cup. No one is taking the time to pour a nice pint. That said, it can be a lot of fun if you're in the mood for that sort of thing.

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      Doyle's in JP, go early (10am) Lots of local politicians and it's authentic as it gets.

      Great way to start the day right.