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Mar 10, 2011 05:12 AM

Empanada recipe using Maseca?

I have a large bag of Maseca left from a pupusa effort. Now that I'm all pupusa-ed out, I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for baked empanadas -- any type, really -- that uses Maseca. A lot of recipes I found used flour instead of or in addition to the masa, but I would like to stay away from using flour if at all possible.

I am not very versed in the vast culinary cornucopia that is Latin American cuisine, except Mexican, so please forgive my ignorance. Ideas other than empanadas, pozole, tamales, and tortillas are also welcome! I am also not sure if my searches were that thorough, so any links would be appreciated as well. Thank you Chowhounds!

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  1. Corn empanadas are popular particularly in Columbia, but usually they utilize masarepa. If you're using maseca, make your dough with 2 parts maseca to 1 part water, seasoning with salt and perhaps a little lard or butter. Prepare your chilled dough by flattening in a tortilla press, filling, folding and frying until golden.

    1. When I bake Argentinean-style empanadas, I use pre-made frozen "discos" so I can't help you with a recipe. However, the Doña Masita website has a section with recipes where you'll probably get all kinds of ideas about how to use up that maseca.

      1. There are quesodillas from central and southern Mexico that are basically a corn masa dough filled and sealed shut like an empanada. they can be baked, griddled or fried.
        try a search for "maseca empanada dough" you get a lot of info and recipes

        1. Corn tortillas (and related items that you can make from Maseca) are Mexican (and to an extent Central American). Venezuela and Columbia make corn cakes, arepas, but from a slightly different corn flour. Elsewhere empanada will be based on wheat. A partial exception - I have made a Spanish empanada using a part corn, part wheat yeast dough.

          It is probably easier to find good corn tortillas, and Maseca, in the USA than in most Latin American countries.